My 25 TV shows of all..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Got inspired byMindy's tag in Facebook!

 So, in no particular order - here goes my list!
  1. FRIENDS - Never fails to entertain me, I can watch it over and over again
  2. LOST - Ahhh.. I'm a HUGE fan!  The BEST FINALE EVER!! Still makes me cry
  3. THE SOPRANOS - Never thought I'd like it, but I was instantly hooked!  Love the Mafia genre!
  4. AMERICAN IDOL Season 4 & 5 - I will forever wish that I knew how to sing!
  5. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - I love the quirky-ness of the show!
  6. THE OC - YES, I am a fan, I soooo love Seth Cohen & Josh Schwartz, the soundtrack is amazing!
  7. The Original BEVERLY HILLS 90210 - This has to be the monumental show that got me hooked on American television.  I remember watching this every Friday on Abs-Cbn
  8. THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT - I used to go gaga over Romnick Sarmienta!
  9. STARGATE ATLANTIS - the FIRST ever Sci-Fi channel show that my Panget got me hooked!
  10. SEINFELD - Just one word/person - Kramer
  11. ALIAS - the monumental show that made me LIKE Jennifer Garner - she kicks ass!!
  12. 24 - Jack Bauer is the BEST.  I just hope he's a real person!  Jack Bauer is THE man!!
  13. ENDLESS LOVE - watched this in Beijing & realized that my studying Mandarin worked because I was crying and understanding the dubbed language!!
  14. METEOR GARDEN - I promised NOT to watch this show, but I got bitten by the F4 bug!
  15. KAHIT ISANG SAGLIT - Loved Carmen Soo!  I realized that I missed watching Jericho Rosales on TV!!
  16. PALIBHASA LALAKE - come to think of it, the storyline is crappy but man was it entertaining then!  hahaha..
  17. ABANGAN ANG SUSUNOD NA KABANATA - Tickboy.. Hahahaha!! Remember him?  
  18. PERFECT STRANGERS - Balkey & Larry - did I get the spelling correct?
  19. MURPHY BROWN - Candice Bergen, sooooo funny!!
  20. ANG TV - made me want to audition like crazy!  Hahaha.. Esmyuskee!!??
  21. THE TWILIGHT ZONE - the black & white shows.. Creepy and interesting!! :)  I remember watching this at night!  I'm still looking for the epis.. My Panget can't seem to find them online!!  Sigh... Any help??
  22. ??? - this is a comedy show that starred Ana Atienza, I forgot the title! My twin and I used to love this show!!  Argh.... Help!!!  I can't seem to remember the title!!!
  23. JEOPARDY - I love love love game shows!!
  24. UNSOLVED MYSTERIES - mysteries and intrigues!!
  25. COOKING IT UP WITH NORA - This show made me wake up early on Saturdays, love love the Daza family!  Inspired me to cook!
This is my list - had a hard time remembering a title, still clueless about it!  Hahaha... Any help??
How about you guys??


  1. OMG perfect strangers! i loved that show! sa tingin ko ako lang yugn batang nanunood nyan sa neighborhood namin dati eh. LOL

  2. Parehas lang tayo.. I was young then, grade school lang ata ako nun! hehehe.. thanks for dropping by ha!! :)