Massage, OH! Massage..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I haven't had a massage in a loooong while..

And since learning that I was on the way - well, I was told by friends not to have one.

I asked my doctor and she gave me the go signal - just make sure not to touch the tummy area.

I debated with friends on this - and finally, I decided to have one.  But having one - I had to look for a reputable one who knows what do to.  I asked my good friend Alch and she gave me a number to call. 

Image borrowed from THIS site

I contacted her last week. 

And just now - I got my well deserved massage.

She seemed to know what she was doing, she told me there are certain parts of my back that she couldn't touch or put pressure on which was specifically my pelvic bone on my lower back.  I was badly wanting her to knead that part, unfortunately - she said she couldn't.

The massage was well worth it.  It was soooo good that I wanted to have one again next week!

Massages are really a great great way to relaaaaaaaaaax....

Thanks L!! :)

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  1. Great! Congratulations on your well deserved MASSAGE! hehe. Sarap no? I have my suking masseuse come over every Sunday night. Pure bliss talaga!