CHOCOLATE - Was I cured??

Monday, September 13, 2010

Last night at my friend's child's birthday party - I did the unthinkable.

I ate a slice of chocolate cake!

Yes, for those who know me, I do not like the taste of chocolate.  But somehow yesterday, I had this urge to buy a chocolate cake, thus I bought Polly's Chocolate cake.  Then, at my friend's party - I had a taste of the chocolate cake served there.  Fran who was sitting beside me was shocked!  hahaha..

When I got home - the urge was still there, thus I cut a slice of Polly's chocolate cake and munched on it while watching a few episodes of The Mentalist.  I enjoyed eating the cake immensely saying that it has got to be the best chocolate cake I have tasted.  I was actually tempted to get another slice but, then I thought I might not be able to sleep because of the sugar high.

A few minutes later, I felt a little weird.  I knew something was off because I was uneasy and feeling queasy.  My stomach was grumbling slowly - which prompted me to run to the bathroom.

Lo and behold.. I threw up everything chocolate..

I guess my tummy wasn't approving, or maybe the baby wasn't so eager on the chocolate?

So there goes my sudden chocolate craving - down the toilet drain.

I'm not cured after all..



  1. you can do it!!! baby steps lang :)
    u should see how amused paul and i were watching u eat the chocolate cake :)

  2. Was it really that amusing? Hahaha!! Baby steps nga!!