Banko Sentral: Please print new 20 pesos!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

For a while now, we have been getting old and worn out 20 pesos.

Sorry for the inverted pic, I took them via photbooth..

Whenever we ask banks to change them - they say that its be BEST that they have. 

I know for a fact that foreign countries print new money when the ones in circulation are old and worn out. 

So I ask - why not print new ones?  I mean, is it that expensive?

My mom used to work in a bank and during her time, the management doesn't allow the release of old worn out money.  Also, they sort out money in different conditions - they have a stack for new ones, semi-crispy one, crumpled crispy ones and old worn-out money.

What happened to the current system?  Why don't tellers/banks sort money anymore?


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