Mommy, I LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My mom's birthday is this Sunday.

And I want to make a tribute to her in my blog.

 Photo borrowed from THIS site

Do you know that when I was younger, I didn't like her as much?  This is because I knew she favored my twin brother more than me.  She used to make me work in the office on summer vacations, but let my twin brother go to my grandma's to play with our cousins.  I think I resented this for a while.

But as I grew older, I learned to appreciate those things.  Those missed summer vacation, trained me to who I am now, a hardworker.  I learned simple business ethics early on, answering phone calls from clients, filing things, counting money, computing for the payroll.  These things, I don't think I can learn outside.  So you see, at a very young age - I was trained by my mom to do most anything.

It was from her that I learned and breath courage and confidence.  I learned that the meaning of 'lakas ng loob', it was also from her that I learned to be resourceful.

My mom is the BEST.

And I love her so much.

I wish I can shower her with all the blessings and graces that she has given me through the years.

I love you Mommy, more than you'll ever know.

Sometimes, I think to myself, what have I done to deserve a mother like you.

I know we have our moments, but passed that - we love one another dearly.

And now that I am going to experience motherhood soon, I hope I can be like you to my kids.

Thank you for EVERYTHING Mommy!!

I love you sooooooo much!!

Happy Happy Birthday Ma!!


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  1. i often visit your site since discovering it thru another food blogger's site. I am so touched by your post now about your mother.I am also a mother and have 2 grown kids-23 and 26 yrs. old who are sometimes too busy for their mom. telling the whole world in your blog how much you love your mom is a joy to any mother.God bless you for that :-) shalom