Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've said this before.. Milk is one of my favorite drink in the world..

And so, when I learned from Mrs. Martinez that she had hers delivered at her doorstep, I just had to ask.. Where did she get the fresh milk?

She gave me a name and a number, to which I immediately sent an SMS introducing myself.

I then learned that there are only two (2) delivery dates - Wednesdays and Sundays.  I was really excited because it was a Tuesday afternoon when I sent Mr. Milk Man a text message, unfortunately - he said that it was already passed the cut-off time which was 2pm that same day.

While texting with Mr. Milk Man, it turns out that his siblings knew my Panget's mom, when I asked why - apparently Mr. Milk Man's siblings have boutiques in the same mall as my Panget's mom.  When I asked for the names of the boutique - what a small world!  Turns out that Mr. Milk Man is the youngest brother of my mom's BFF.  Mr. Milk Man now is Uncle Kenneth to me!

Each 2Liter jug costs P160.00, minimum for delivery is two (2) jugs of 2Liters each.  You can choose between Whole Milk and Low-Fat Milk, me?  I chose Whole Milk of course!

You may send Uncle Kenneth a text message if you're interested to have FRESH milk delivered to your doorstep, his number is +639278335000, do text him on appropriate hours!

Thanks Uncle Kenneth!  FRESH Milk is definitely the BEST!


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