Polish Sausage anyone?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Whenever I think of the US of A, I always think of shopping.  And when I think of shopping, supermarket shopping comes in mind immediately, as this is my favorite. 

I associate supermarket shopping with shopping around Costco.  I know, it's not entirely a supermarket, but what the heck - most of their goods are supermarket-y anyways.

Trips to Costco will always end with buying a number of Polish hotdogs/sausages on buns, large sodas and pizzas!  This has got to be m favorite part!  Yes, I admit it, I enjoy eating rather than going shopping!  And so whenever my mom would go to Costco, I'd tag along just because I wanted to eat those Polish sausage/hotdogs.

Its been almost a decade since I last visited the US of A.  And since my last visit, I haven't had any decent Polish Sausage/Hotdog.  My mom and I have been searching and searching for that Polish Sausage/Hotdog that tastes similar to the ones they had in Costco, but our search left us empty-handed.  The ones that we've tried were not the same, some were even - not good!

My friend Selene has been raving about a certain brand of hotdogs that she bought.  She has told me and my Panget a couple of times that its what she has for dinner when she's too lazy to cook.  My Panget would always give me a look that said 'Don't serve me hotdogs for dinner!' and I never did.  So last Sunday, my Panget and I had dinner at Selene's and she served us steak!!  She then asked the helper to heat some hotdogs for us to try.  My Panget gave me that look once more.

The hotdogs/sausages looked normal, the smell was also - normal!  But when we tried them.. OH MY GOSH.. it was soooo good!!  Tasted heavenly!  I instantly remembered and reminisced the Costco Polish hotdog/sausages!!!

You can say that it was LOVE at first bite, literally.

These doggies tastes so good!  But tasting good comes with a price because these babies cost P300.00+ a pack (6 doggies in a pack), but seriously - they're really really good.

These doggies come in different flavors.  The only ones I've tasted are the:
Hot Links - my gosh, it HOT! I mean really hot..
Beddar Cheddar - the cheese-dog in the family!!  Yummy!

White Collar

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have a new TV show that I am obsessing about!!

I saw a glimpse of it on Fox channel on cable.

I was wondering what it was all about but when I saw Bryce Larkin aka Neal Caffrey - I had to watch it till the end.  Too bad though that I had to go out for lunch.

But I was really obsessing about the show, even asking Mindy of Too Much TV what it was all about.  The show is like a TV adaptation of Catch me if you can, but this time - the lead is a bonafide 'consultant' at the start, so no chasing scenes!!

I asked my Panget to bring me Metrowalk because I really wanted to watch the TV series.  He then promised me that he would copy from his friend's HD. 

And last night, I got my dose!!

The pilot episode was fantastic!  I enjoyed the whole show from start to finish, it was such a great Pilot, I mean I was impressed every second!! :)

The succeeding episodes were okay, they're not the best but they were okay.  The hype and energy from the first episode wasn't present in the other 4 episodes that I saw, plus I missed seeing Marsha Thomason aka Dianna on the next episodes.  What happened to her?  Was she fired?

I'm really excited about this show, I can't explain why I am so giddy with delight! 

Maybe its because Neal Caffrey is so darn cute!!

Mommy, I LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My mom's birthday is this Sunday.

And I want to make a tribute to her in my blog.

 Photo borrowed from THIS site

Do you know that when I was younger, I didn't like her as much?  This is because I knew she favored my twin brother more than me.  She used to make me work in the office on summer vacations, but let my twin brother go to my grandma's to play with our cousins.  I think I resented this for a while.

But as I grew older, I learned to appreciate those things.  Those missed summer vacation, trained me to who I am now, a hardworker.  I learned simple business ethics early on, answering phone calls from clients, filing things, counting money, computing for the payroll.  These things, I don't think I can learn outside.  So you see, at a very young age - I was trained by my mom to do most anything.

It was from her that I learned and breath courage and confidence.  I learned that the meaning of 'lakas ng loob', it was also from her that I learned to be resourceful.

My mom is the BEST.

And I love her so much.

I wish I can shower her with all the blessings and graces that she has given me through the years.

I love you Mommy, more than you'll ever know.

Sometimes, I think to myself, what have I done to deserve a mother like you.

I know we have our moments, but passed that - we love one another dearly.

And now that I am going to experience motherhood soon, I hope I can be like you to my kids.

Thank you for EVERYTHING Mommy!!

I love you sooooooo much!!

Happy Happy Birthday Ma!!


The CASE of Sizzling Food..

I am suddenly craving for SIZZLING FOOD!

This started because I made my Panget an Angus Hamburger dinner on a sizzling plate last Sunday!  After tasting the sizzling gravy, I couldn't help but crave for more!

The other day, I had a Pepper Lunch craving..  (Calling Fran & Sabbie!)  I remember my Chicken and Beef Pepper Rice!!

Now, I'm just craving for ANYTHING sizzling!!!

Image borrowed from THIS site

The cravings are maddening!!!!!  

I mean, I crave - yet when I get to eat what I have been craving for...  Turns out, blah..  

Crazy tastebuds!! 


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've said this before.. Milk is one of my favorite drink in the world..

And so, when I learned from Mrs. Martinez that she had hers delivered at her doorstep, I just had to ask.. Where did she get the fresh milk?

She gave me a name and a number, to which I immediately sent an SMS introducing myself.

I then learned that there are only two (2) delivery dates - Wednesdays and Sundays.  I was really excited because it was a Tuesday afternoon when I sent Mr. Milk Man a text message, unfortunately - he said that it was already passed the cut-off time which was 2pm that same day.

While texting with Mr. Milk Man, it turns out that his siblings knew my Panget's mom, when I asked why - apparently Mr. Milk Man's siblings have boutiques in the same mall as my Panget's mom.  When I asked for the names of the boutique - what a small world!  Turns out that Mr. Milk Man is the youngest brother of my mom's BFF.  Mr. Milk Man now is Uncle Kenneth to me!

Each 2Liter jug costs P160.00, minimum for delivery is two (2) jugs of 2Liters each.  You can choose between Whole Milk and Low-Fat Milk, me?  I chose Whole Milk of course!

You may send Uncle Kenneth a text message if you're interested to have FRESH milk delivered to your doorstep, his number is +639278335000, do text him on appropriate hours!

Thanks Uncle Kenneth!  FRESH Milk is definitely the BEST!


Goodbye Cocomo Nails.. I will MISS YOU!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I got a text message last Thursday.

The text said that my favorite nail salon will be closing down on August 23, 2010, so for those who wanted to set an appointment are welcome to do so before the close down.

I called immediately and made an appointment.

This is my FAVORITE nail salon in Metro Manila, and even if I live in Quezon City, I make it a point to go to Greenhills just to have my pedi done here at this nail salon.  I can say that I am one of the pioneers, as I have been with them since they opened. 

The staff is superb.  They're all smiles, and the aura of the salon is wonderful.  The place is huge and spacious!  I am always at ease, plus everyone is poilte and courteous.  Everyone makes you feel at home, everyone greets you with a smile and says bye when you leave.

I am saddened that they're closing shop.  I will miss going to Cocomo Nail Spa every two weeks.  I will miss seeing the friendly faces. 

Thank you Cocomo!  Thank you Monic!  Thank you Tessa!!

I will miss you guys...

Thanks for the wonderful pedis and the superb customer service....

To those who don't know yet, please make your appointments now!

Central Perk in Beijing!!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

And its REAL!!

There's finally a real Central Perk - but it's in Beijing..

How I miss Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey  Phoebe...

I hope they do a reunion 'special' for us fans....

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