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Monday, July 05, 2010

I thought this topic would be easy but it isn't!

I mean to pick just 5 episodes out of the 10 seasons?


So how about this - my favorite episodes in random order.

1)  The One with the Emryos
This has got to be one of my favorites.  I loved the competition between the girls and the guys, what I loved more were the questions formulated by Ross!  You know, watching this episode over and over again - makes me wonder, since there were questions in all catergories that were not picked - what questions were they??!!

My favorite question was 'What is Chandler Bing's job?'  Hahahaha!!

2) The One with the Proposal
I never thought that Chandler would ever want to get married, and so this is one of my favorites because it made me cry!  Monica proposed to Chandler!

This episode made me cry and laugh at the same time.

3)  The One that could have been
What really could have been?  I immensely enjoyed this episode because it shows that whatever they do - they will still end up together!

I especially like this episode because of the 'fat' Monica

4) The one where Monica gets a roomate
 The episode that started it all!  It was a great 10 years with you guys!!  Thank you Martha Kaufman, David Crane and Kevin Bright!!

If not for this episode, no FRIENDS to write about!
Also - Joey wasn't as 'cutely dumb' as he is now!!

5)  The One with the Halloween Party
Everyone was in a costume!!

My favorite was seeing Gunther dress up ast Charlie Brown!

This hosting has made me think of another topic - Who was your favorite GUEST STAR on Friends!

Here's what my two other Team Carnival friends said about their FAVORITE Friends episodes:

Mindy shared five of her favorite episodes and one of them had the line when 'the Messers become the Messe's'

Sheila shared two that involved questions being answered and of the answers were 'Paper! Snow! A Ghost!'

Come and join us in Team Carnival, I promise - its FUN!

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  1. Reading your post made me miss FRIENDS. I remember laughing out loud as I also tried to answer what was Chandler's job. Haha! :)