Smart Buddy: AND it happens YET AGAIN!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

This is the exact email that I sent to Smart's customer care email, MVP's email and Inquirer's The Consumer:

Service Request # 315892069

And it happens YET again.

I just lost 500+ text messages today, it happens YET again!!

Yesterday - July 15, 2010 at 11:08am - I checked my balance and it read:
Load: P353.00
Free texts to all networks: 851

I checked it again - July 15, 2010 at 19:33pm it read:
Load: P353.00
Free texts to all networks: 375

I check it again - July 15, 2010 at 22:07pm it read:
Load: P323.00
Free text to all networks: 375

I check it again - July 15, 2010 at 23:33pm it read:
Load: P323.00
Free text to all networks: 375

I then called the CS hotline - the call was received by Ms. Flor Palileo, I asked her to check my account details and she confirmed to me the following:
a) My FREE texts to all networks amounted to 683 (composed of 83 free texts from the 500 e-load, 44 free text messages from my call & text card, 83 free texts from the 500 e-load, and 473 free texts that were returned to me)

b) That I sent 3 local text messages and 2 international text messages (which amounted to P30.00 and was deducted accordingly to my balance)

1. Why the inconsistency in the data? The text message I got from Buddy Balance said that I had only 375 free text messages to all networks? While the date of the CSR was that I had 683 free texts to all networks!

2) Since the CSR confirmed that I sent out only THREE (3) local text messages, why was the balance of the free text to all networks not subtracted accordingly and correctly? 851 - 3 = 848? (If you count it properly - the balance was 851 subtract the 3 local text messages you'll get the figure 848 free text messages, am I right?) I was also told my that there is NO EXPIRY for free text messages to all networks! I just loaded my mobile number yesterday with P500.00 and now - I am missing 473 free text messages!!

3) I've complained about this before - and was told that the CSRs can only see as far back as 7 days. I am writing to you now because I do not want those 7 days to lapse again and be given the reason that 'the system cannot see more than 7 days prior to the complaint'


Please respond accordingly - because this is UNFAIR!!

Please resolve this as this is very unfair! We pay for the load that we use up and expect to use them up COMPLETELY without anything missing.

Put yourself in my shoes - tell me if you'll take this lightly or not.


This is the most recent balance inquiry that I did through their webconnect:


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  1. I feel your frustration. I've been "robbed" by Smart so many times than I could count when I was still a subscriber. No more. I switched to Sun, which I now use aside from my Globe line, and have been saving a lot of money in cell phone load.

    My mom and some cousins were also Smart users before. They all switched to Globe or TM after also losing load credits without any logical reason :S