Missing 500+ FREE text from Smart Buddy!!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Here's the deal - last June 20, 2010 I checked my Smart Buddy's balance - it said that I had load credits amounting to P2.31 with 913 FREE text messages to ALL networks.

Last June 30, 2010 out of curiousity, I checked my balance - the load credit was still the same at P2.31 while the FREE text messages to ALL networks was depleted to only 316.  This got me irritated, I immediately called the Smart hotline - to which my call was REJECTED because I had insufficient load to make the call!  I then used a landline, and was once again rejected because of the same reason.  I had to punch in a friend's number just to get through and these are what transpired:

June 30, 2010 about 5 in the afternoon:
I was able to speak to a CSR names Keanz Quintana.
-  I waited for the call back of Mr. Jasper Salapare (supervisor) because Keanz assured me that her supervisor will give me a call within the day
-  I never got a call back

July 1, 2010 at about 9 in the morning:
-  I called again and was able to speak to Virgie (?)
-  She then assured me that she will do the follow-up herself
-  I waited and never got a call back

July 2, 2010 at about 8 in the morning:
-  I called again and spoke to Chanelle Sison
-  She told me that as of 9:00pm on July 1, 2010 my free text messages to all networks is 166
-  I check my balance right there and then, the result was 307 FREE text messages to all networks
-  I asked how come there's a discrepancy with the information, she didn't know what to answer and instead told me to try checking my balance through 'WebConnect'
-  I got confused and asked her why I should check my balance through 'WebConnect' if I can check my balance on my mobile phone, does that mean that the balance I get on my mobile phone is not accurate?  She said 'Its accurate ma'am'
-  I then asked to speak to a supervisor and while waiting, the conversation was cut off
-  I called once again and was able to speak to CSR Eldrol Lumayag
-  I asked her to look for Chanelle Sison because our conversation was cut off - she then told me that they're thousands and she won't be able to locate Chanelle Sison.  I asked her to check my records to see if Chanelle left any remarks - and Chanelle did - she endorsed me to a TL Olga.
-  I then asked to speak to a supervisor and STILL CRS Eldrol Lumayag REFUSED to transfer the call, saying that 'Our supervisor is willing to give you a call naman talaga'  I know they're willing but the call is just NOT happening!
-  I am on the phone still with Eldrol and she said that the issue has been resolved - HOW THE HELL WAS IT RESOLVED??  I do not have ANY feedback whatsoever from them!

Can someone help me?  I am so FRUSTRATED already!!


  1. grabe naman yan! PLDT din yan di ba? magulo talaga sila... remember yun problem ng mom ko hay up to now di pa nila naayos... OA na ah September of last year pa yun!

  2. Smart Buddy stole my load! Plus after I enrolled in the P500/month unlimited talk plan, I can no longer make phone calls? I could still connect but I can't use *6400, which means I have to pay for the call. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!