How are you when you're HUNGRY?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some people are irritable, while some are just normal.  Some become braindead and are lost, while some say they experience feeling their brains full of air.

Me?  Well, I just realized that I am masungit when I am hungry.

You see, this past week - I've been feeling hungry more often.  Maybe because I am six weeks on the way.  I do not usually feel the hunger perse, I mean - I know its time to eat - thus I eat, but lately - I've been having these sudden hunger pains, considering that I eat a light breakfast nowadays before I take my daily dose of folic acid.  I feel hungry more often, and when I look at the clock - its barely been two hours!!

Is this normal?

 Okay - so how did I realize that I am masungit?  Well, during this evening's dinner - while waiting for our table, I suddenly felt really hungry, as in really really hungry.  (I wondered because at about 3:30 in the afternoon, I was snacking on toasted bread!  But then being six weeks on the way - I thought, that might have been the reason why I was hungry)  I was irritated, because we were still waiting for our table right?  I wanted to order, but couldn't!  And so I had to wait - I told my Panget that I was hungry (which I never am!) and he said that he felt just the same.  I reiterated to him that I was hungry, as in really hungry and I needed food fast, or else I think I'd faint!  Good thing - right after that, we got our table!

It took another 10 minutes before our food arrived, and when it did - I immediately said that I would eat first because I was sooooo hungry.  And after that first bite - everything was normal.

I was happy and in a normal mood again!!

Now, I understand it when they say that when you're expecting - you get hungry, as in really hungry.

I will now learn to bring crackers with me, so that when I get hungry - I can munch on something! :)

This is the start of my journey, wish me luck!! :)


  1. Oh yeah! I remember this almost 3 years back. I didn't know naman back then that I was preggy.

    I was always hungry & the 2 cups of rice during lunchtime at work was becoming normal for me and officemates were always looking strange at me.

    After 2 hours, I was hungry again and I myself had been wondering why I was feeling so famished (like I never ate lunch) everytime.

    A week later, I learned I was expecting for 2 months.

    How was I when was hungry that time? I was disoriented and always at the end of my rope. And that was why I always had a standby food in my drawer. Hehehe. :)

    Congratulations, btw.

  2. tama ba yung nabasa ko? "when you're expecting" --- woooot woot!! magiging momi ka na!! yey!! ilang weeks na?

  3. Dear ME - THANK YOU !! :) I hope I don't balloon though!! Hihi...

    Dyanie, YES you read that right!! :) six weeks last Thursday :)