Twilight Zone Moment - Marikina

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I went to visit a client in Marikina this afternoon.

To be honest, I do not remember where Marikina was nor what it looked like.  All I remember of Marikina are that, a) great grandmother used to live there b) it's the shoe capital of Manila and c)  we have clients based there.

And so from the office, we took Xavierville.  Imagine the traffic at about 3 in the afternoon!  Katipunan was chaotic, but after Katipunan - the traffic seemed a little lighter.  I'm seeing less and less cars.

What made the experience Twilight Zone-y, was when were at an intersection.  There were only a handful of cars!  And there were no pedestrians crossing the streets!  It was like, I crossed a parallel universe!  Gone were the traffic and bumper to bumper cars!  The city seemed so quiet and it was so strange for me!

I felt like I was in another time and place!

I can't explain it but I was in awe - I mean, there were cars here and there but not as many as it is in say QC or San Juan!  Marikina seemed safe, quiet and peaceful.  I think the peaceful part was the strangest to me.

 It wasn't as chaotic as I thought it would be.


Photo grabbed from Marikina City website

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