Thank you BLU TACK!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blu Tack saved my phone.

I’ve seen Blu Tack in National Bookstore for years. I’ve always wondered what it was for. There are packs of blue Blu Tack and packs of colored and gray BluTack. It was only recently – more specifically last March 2010 that I learned what it was actually for.

I learned of BluTac through Jojo and Cubie – this happened while looking around in National Bookstore Trinoma. Since they both knew I was a ‘pen’ addict – they surmised that I knew almost everything in National Bookstore. They were actually surprised to learn that – I didn’t know what a Blu Tack was and what it was for!

They began explaining what it was for and how convenient and easy it was to use! This piqued my curiosity. But it was only yesterday, while I was at the SM North Edsa department store – that I actually bought one.

The first thing I did was fix my fridge door. I do not have a collection of refrigerator door magnets and so this time, I was able to hang everything I needed on the door without having to overlap papers to utilize the small tiny magnets that I bought in Daiso.

While reading the label I thought to myself – could the Blu Tack fix my phone? My Sony Ericsson’s rubber design on the phone has lost its adhesive, thus – it’s been dangling and getting caught with things inside my bag. I started to cut tiny portions of the Blu Tack and sticking it underneath the rubber thingie and voila – my phone was INSTANTLY fixed!

I never thought my phone was save-able! I was seriously thinking of upgrading it already! But since it has been fixed – I will NEVER change my phone ever! (Until it conks out)

Thank YOU Blu Tack! You’re such a lifesaver!!

I will forever be indebted to you because you fixed my beloved phone!!

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