CALL for Posting! Team Carnival - Your FAVORITE TV Shows!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Baywatch and Beverly Hills 90210 - these two are somewhat iconic TV shows that launched my fascination with US television.  These two were the ones that I followed intently - if I remember correctly, these two series were shown on Channel 2 (Abs-Cbn) and on a Friday night (correct me if I'm wrong).

Even before these two shows - there's Knots Landing, which is my mom's favorite.  There's DALLAS and Falcon Crest!  When before - my mom used to wait for betamax tapes to arrive from relatives from the US who were visiting Manila.  Nowadays, with just a click, one can download the whole series!!

Now, I am asking - what favorite TV shows that you miss watching?  Be it local or foreign shows. 

If you were to ask me, I'd instantly say - FRIENDS!

Hope you can join in the discussion at Team Carnival!

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  1. Yeah, I miss FRIENDS, too! I must buy myself DVD copies. :D