Boo Smart Buddy! Boo!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What do you do when all of a sudden your 500+ free text messages become missing?

You call the telecom’s customer service hotline, am I right?

Well, I did just that – but you know what? Apparently, their customer service hotline requires your number to have a enough load to make the call. Since my load was less the P3.00, the recording refused to take my call.

I then tried calling using a landline – again, when I punched in my number – the call was refused saying that I didn’t have enough load. Now – how in freaking hell did that happen? I was using a landline right? I had to type in a friend’s number and then was able to go through.

I spoke to a CSR names Keanz (Quintana). What a weird name right? Anyways, I was telling her my problem and she just told me that she was sorry that she couldn’t do anything because their logs only have records 7 days prior to my call. I then asked her if she can ask for my previous records to be reviewed, she said yes and then told me that their records only show date 7 days prior to my call. She must have said that 7 days thing more than three times, which irritated me. I mean, yes – I understood already that she can only see date 7 days prior to my call, but what I was asking for was if she could retrieve my old records.  The reason for my call was to ask why my 500+ free text messages went lost/missing - my balance last 6/20/2010 said that I had 913 free messages to all networks, and just late this afternoon the free messages became 316!  I was shocked to see this - I mean, I haven't been using my text messages lately, so how was the 500+ free texts consumed in 10 days??

I then asked her again if she can retrieve records older than 7 days, and nothing happened – she just insisted on her statement saying ‘I am sorry, but we can only access your records from June 23, 2010 until June 30, 2010. I was so irritated that I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was then put on hold for about five minutes afterwhich, she just told me – ‘Ma’am our supervisor is engaged on another line, he tells me that he will give you a call after’ I asked for the name of the supervisor (Jasper Salapare) – so that I can complain about him if he doesn’t make the call.

And so – three hours have passed and STILL there is no phone call. I am giving it until 12 midnight tonight, but I am SURE that they won’t call me back.

Smart Buddy – why does the FREE customer service hotline require people to have enough load to be able to use its ‘customer service’ service? Isn’t that odd since the call is supposed to be FREE??

Boo Smart Buddy! Boo!!


  1. unfortunately, smart's customer service sucks big time. had a lot of frustrations with them sa pinayandmoney.wordpress blog ko.

    customer service kasi is outsourced kaya walang malasakit ang mga yan.


  2. Its not the 'malasakit' its more of the RIGHT kind of customer service diba?

  3. unfortunately, they don't know how to provide the right kind of service. i think it comes with being outsourced talaga kaya they don't care kung maresolve ba nila yung problem or hindi. at the end of the day kasi, hindi naman sila papagalitan ng smart and smart won't be accoutable for their errors kasi outsourced. hay...

  4. i think i would take d csr's side smart mismo ang may fault!what if she really cant check ur account beyond seven days or if she could she cannot divulge it to u moreover smart is the one providing standard operating procedure!though they are only outsource they are still following smart's process right?!

  5. I had the same experience today sobrang nkakabadtrip ang tgal mghintay ng cs rep di mo alam kung snasadya imagine almost 15 mins. waiting on your call to be answered walang sumasagot nkahang ka lng music lng naririnig mo paulit ulit, di nman cguro kyo kapos para walang umintindi sa mga needs nmin....from then on i switch to other network basura ang smart hate it nabubwisit ako pag naaalala ko. this doesn't even happened once kaya nkakadala ni minsan la pa ko nkausap na rep, sbi mghintay ng cs rep gnagawang tanga mga tao kakahintay sa csr.

  6. damn! i cant send any message or surf through my mobile net.
    -coverage/signal= meron.
    -load= meron din. infact unli ako sa txt at sa smart unli surf!
    why is this happening?
    im so disappointed with smart buddy.

  7. yeah right! people at smart CSR really sucks! they don't know how to handle their customer right! Poor service specially to denice (grace david). She'll put you on hold then after so many minutes of waiting she'll hung up!