Supermarket DI'scoveries: Invisible Kool Aid!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

DI'scovered:  Puregold in Subic!

I honestly overheard two kids walking by the powdered juice section all giddy and chatty.  They were looking at a certain Kool Aid.  When they left - I looked at what they fussing about.  I saw - Kool Aid, great!  Another Kool Aid drink!  Nothing new right?  But when I turned back to my cart - at the corner of my eye, I saw something.  And so, I did the 'double take' and then I finally saw why those two kids were giddy!

It was KOOL AID - Invisible!

What the hell did that mean right?  And so, I read on - and there it was 'Clear drink!  Great fruity taste!'

Now, isn't that something?  I proceeded to tell my Panget's SIL, she said that, the 'invisibility' may make the drink healthier as there will be no more additive of coloring!

Cool huh?!


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  2. Invisible Kool Aid is something but what's the catch? It may look like healthy as if you're drinking water but what is the hidden ingredient?Remember aspartame? Just a thought :)

  3. Hi Louis! Thanks for your comment, I don't think invisible Kool-Aid pretends to be like water. It just one of their USP (unique selling point). There are no pretense that its water. I think what makes the drink clear is the elimination of food colouring :)

  4. This is cool! You may find it weird but I don't take juices in color red (reminds of you know, vampires and their bloody drinks). So this is absolutely a "welcome drink" for me - clear, fruity flavor that I will just love.

  5. Hi McLaren! I never thought of red juices that way! Hahaha. This is good for you then! I wish there's a cherry/strawberry invisible kool-aid for you!! Thanks for dropping by!!