SPOTTED: Sebastian's Dive Bar and Xplory!

Monday, May 31, 2010

These were the things that I spotted this weekend!! :)

I finally was able to see an actual Xplory stroller here in the Philippines!  (I've seen actual ones being sold in Rustan's for a whopping P80,000.00++!!)  This has GOT to be the first time I'm seeing one that is being used!!

Can you see the green stroller at the back??

My jaw dropped when I saw the stroller - this is my dream stroller!  Hahahaha......

 I was also finally able to try Sebastian's Dive Bar!  It cost P120.00 I picked:

Vanilla Ice Cream
Peanut Butter Dive
Rainbow Sprinkles (I am a sucker for rainbow sprinkles!!)

The verdict - it was soooooo good!  It brought back childhood memories of munching on Magnolia's Pinipig Crunch!!

1 comment :

  1. oh my gosh. ang mahal naman nung stroller!

    may kasama na bang baby pag binili yon? hehehe.

    uuuyyyy candy sprinkles! me likey!

    i'm linking you! =)