Giving away tickets for Then & Now Music Festival 2010!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I am giving away tickets to the Then and Now Massive Music Festival 2010!

Yahoo!!  Imagine watching a single concert with so many artists!!  Cool right?

From the Then and Now site:

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival ambitiously positions itself as-- quite possibly-- the biggest Philippine music event of the year. We have six artists performing all their greatest hits for all their Filipino music fans: TQ, SWV, P.M. Dawn, Diana King, Baby Bash, Frankie J, JoJo, and even a few more to follow.

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival is an all-hits show-- not an album tour, nor is it a promo tour. Expect a great deal of show, as all our featured artists will be performing nothing but their hits just for their fans in the Philippines.

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival happens on Saturday, 15 May 2010, at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Tickets are available at Ticketnet and Ticketworld outlets. Ticket prices are currently pegged at (VIP) Php4,400 | (Gold) Php2,860 | (Silver) Php1,650 | (Bronze) Php770
Thanks to Massive Music Manila, I'm giving away 3 pairs of Silver Tickets to this wonderful concert!

Here's how to join:
 Leave a comment on this blog entry - complete with the following details:
     a)  Submit a song from any of the Then and Now artists that make you nostalgic and
     b)  Tell me why it makes you nostalgic!  or what it reminds you so much of!
     c)  Please include your email address too!!

Contest runs from today till May 13 at 11:59pm - winners will be announced on May 14, 2010 (Friday)
Kindly make sure that you submit COMPLETE entries - as incomplete entries are automatically disqualified!!


  1. I would have to say the song WEAK by SWV makes me feel nostalgic. It brings back college memories wherein every time me and my girlfriends would hear that playing, we would all stand up and honor the song just like hearing the National Anthem. Funny, even the boys in our group would do the same. Brings back happy memories. All together now, "I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak..."

    email address: jannessevillanueva AT gmail DOT com

  2. Jojo's "Not That Kinda Girl" makes me nostalgic because it brings backs memories of my first love, first heartbreak and all the follies of my young love. When young and in love, girls tend to overlook everything else, just like what I did. Naive and in love, it didn't matter to me then if the guy I was in love with didn't treat me right. I should not have settled for a second best when a great guy could have treated me like a princess, no less!

    emiliana.sison at

  3. All 4 One's "So Much In Love" makes me feel nostalgic every time I hear it. When my younger brother and I first saw it on MTV in the summer of 1995, we were in awe of the group's harmonies and vocal arrangements.

    Then, we rushed to Odyssey Records and bought the cassette tape. In no time, we invited our 7 year old brother to sing the "doot-doo-doo-doot" part and the three of us sang the song over and over.

    After 3 hours, our dad heard the song and joined us in singing. He told us this was a remake and was way popular during his teenage years.

    Thus, the four of us sang, without a care.

    All four of us, all 4 one.

  4. The song WEAK by SWV makes me most nostalgic. It takes me to my college years where I spend most of my long Friday nights with my best of friends in a karaoke bar/resto in Timog. It is one of our favorite songs, whenever one of us key in WEAK, we would all hurry to stand in front of the karaoke and take turns with the microphone.

    I don’t know why my friends love this song but I certainly know my reason. It’s my moving on song with a former fling in my early college years. So whenever it’s Friday, KARAOKE + BEER + GREAT FRIENDS + “WEAK” = MOVING ON. It’s a killer equation! XD

    But now whenever I hear this nostalgic song, I don’t recall the moving on part that much, I just miss my friends and our lovely Fridays.


  5. I Say a Little Prayer by Diana King.

    I remember singing this on a karaoke one afternoon with my blockmates. It was drastic because we were literally singing our hearts (and lungs) out! After that day, we started calling one another as "Diana's Queens".

    It makes me nostalgic for everytime I hear it on the radio, I miss my friends. Just the thought of having the next academic year without them as my classmates, it makes my heart break. I wish I'll survive my next college years without them... To my girlfriends:

    Forever, and ever you'll stay in my heart
    And I will love you forever and ever
    We never a part and how I love you
    Together, forever that's how it must be
    To live without you could only mean heartbreak for me


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  7. "Looking Through Patient Eyes" by P.M. Dawn is one song that I rarely hear played on the radio and I specifically looked into Youtube.

    This song makes me nostalgic everytime I hear it because it reminds of good old school music. The lyrics of this song are poetic and full of symbolism, not to mention Cathy Dennis also sang a part of it, who is also my favorite. Also, it reminds me of a time when life was so much easier and uncomplicated from the point of view of a growing up kid. When it's easier to appreciate things, to have a shallow happiness and easily contented with what your parents give you. Where the only thing you do is play, study and have fun most of the time.

    That's why when I hear this song my memory transports me to a time when everything for me is convenient and it never fails to brighten up my mood. How I miss those days!


  8. I would go for "Still" by Frankie J. I first heard this song back when I was still in high school. My brother was singing this song and it caught my attention. I asked him what that song was coz it has great tune and I particularly love RnB. He told me the title and I looked it up on youtube. I saw there a video with lyrics. I played it, and next thing I knew, I was already teary-eyed. The lyrics of the song explains everthing, including why it is so meaningful to me.

    'Cause I still love you
    This I must confess
    I guess I still need you
    I feel I have to tell you this again

    Yes I still want you
    Oh these words I did not plan
    So if I've interupted anything
    I promise I won't call you again"

    'Nuff said =(


  9. Weak by SWV I also have Jojo's version of it in my fone playlist- listening to it right now.:)
    I feel so nostalgic everytime I listen to this song coz it reminds me of my college years. There was this guy I met we always listen to this song and somehow it became "our song".I met him through my cousin and we went to the same school. It was a "me+him against the world" kinda relationship my mother doesn't want him and during that time it was so sad everytime my mother and I argue about him. felt happy everytime I'm with him.

    -Coz my hearts starts beating triple time , with thoughts of loving you on my mind.
    I can't figure out just what to do... when the cause and cure is you...

    But, in the end mother knows best.

    If I win this concert tickets I might see him there , hehe.

  10. Wow! Thank you for hosting this contest.

    I personally feel nostalgic every time I hear the song "Daddy's Little Girl" by Frankie J.

    I first heard this song when I was in a relationship with a guy who had divorced parents. He holds this song so dear in his heart and I do too. It talks about the fate of a little girl who's caught between the dwindling relationship of her mom and dad.

    My email address is

  11. I personally love Diana King's version of "I Say A Little Prayer." I can still remember when I first heard my mom singing this song years ago when I was still in elementary. It was then a fiesta in our town. We have this tradition of really celebrating fiestas in a grand manner. All of us, even my uncles and other relatives from abroad will go home to Bulacan to celebrate with my lolo. Fiestas became our reunion time instead of Christmas.

    Now, whenever I hear this song, I can't stop crying. My lolo just passed away last year, one month before the fiesta. It just feels really sad knowing that we wouldn't have to go to Bulacan again coz my lolo won't be there to gladly receive us. He won't be there to share the laughter and kwentuhan. he won't be there to wave goodbye to us at the end of the day.


    "Forever and ever you'll stay in my heart and I will love you, LOLO". That I promise!