SPOTTED: Sebastian's Dive Bar and Xplory!

Monday, May 31, 2010

These were the things that I spotted this weekend!! :)

I finally was able to see an actual Xplory stroller here in the Philippines!  (I've seen actual ones being sold in Rustan's for a whopping P80,000.00++!!)  This has GOT to be the first time I'm seeing one that is being used!!

Can you see the green stroller at the back??

My jaw dropped when I saw the stroller - this is my dream stroller!  Hahahaha......

 I was also finally able to try Sebastian's Dive Bar!  It cost P120.00 I picked:

Vanilla Ice Cream
Peanut Butter Dive
Rainbow Sprinkles (I am a sucker for rainbow sprinkles!!)

The verdict - it was soooooo good!  It brought back childhood memories of munching on Magnolia's Pinipig Crunch!!

Team Carnival Week #7 - Online Friendships

Monday, May 24, 2010

Everyone knows that I sooooo enjoy watching the tv show FRIENDS.  This brought about the topic that I am hosting this week!

 image borrowed from google images

Online friendships!

I used to laugh at the idea of meeting friends online.  While in HS when most of my friends were busy chatting at IRC chatrooms and having eyeballs - I had a boyfriend, thus I never understood the fascination with chatting and getting to know a person without physically being with them.

A few years later - I learned how to chat, to surf the net, join forums and to blog.

As I joined forums, I met people online.  These people - to be honest, I have no clue about.  I only knew them with their nicknames and their activities online.  Somehow - seeing their comments and opinions on certain topics, showed me that if ever we met, we can be good friends.  This is where I realized - online friendships can actually  work!

Never in a million years did I think that I these online friendships would turn into deep friendships that I would forever cherish, value and appreciate.

I turn to these friends for comfort.  These friends of mine keep me sane when all of those physical friends are nowhere to be found.  They keep me company at night when I can't sleep.  They entertain me with their views on life, food and of certain things.  The best thing about my friends online is that - they do not pass judgement on me.  This is what I appreciate the most with these friends I have online, this is why I love them so dearly.  They go out of their way to help me, cheer me up and lift me when I am down.  This made me realize that a friendship can deepen without physical interaction.  The time spent online chatting and reading one another's opinion - we can actually see the real person behind the nickname.  What's best is that - these friendships cross oceans, mountains, continents, time zones and race.

You guys know who you are.  I am FOREVER grateful for the friendship and all the things that you have done for me..  THANK YOU for everything!

Here are some of my team members' take on - Online Friendships:

Mara says that online friendships taught her a lot in life

Michelle is still a little skeptical on online friendships

Em learned the idiosyncrasies of online friendships

Leela who's really shy met friends online

Shoutingwind who has met interesting people online

Mindy who is very grateful to her online friends

THANK YOU for all those who joined in the discussion! :) 

Lastly, join us at Team Carnival and enjoy the company! :)

DIDI'scoveries: Yogurt Fruit Long Sticks

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Panget and I just came from a friend's birthday slash wedding anniversary party.

Caught up with some high school batchmates that I've kept in touch through Facebook.

It was fun, fun fun!!

Company was gooooood!!

Food was gooooood!!

There's one thing that I discovered though....

Yogurt Fruit Long Sticks!

Surprisingly - these long milky sticks tastes great!! :)

Try them for yourselves!!

My friend Mitch said she bought in Cherry Fooderama!! 


Too Much TV gives away COUGAR TOWN Season 1 DVD Set!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

One of my favorite bloggers is giving away an original complete DVD box set of Cougar Town!!

And I am joining!!

Crossing my fingers Mindy!! :)

Wanna join the fun? 

Go to Too Much TV by Mindy to see contest details

image borrowed from Mindy's site

Our baby Jenna!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Isn't she the cutest???!!!!
We all love her because she gave birth to cutie puppies!!!!

Thank you for giving us endless joy and happiness!!!

Belated Happy Birhtday!!!

What's your blog's personality?

So, does your blog have a personality?

Of course it does!!  It showcases the personality of the blogger/writer!!

I found this site through Team Carnival's site - its called the TYPEALYZER!!

I tried and it out and this is what it analyzed about me!! :)


Check it out!!

I finally RAN!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Actually - I finally jogged!  And walked, and jogged and walked and walked some more.

I have to say, that for the FIRST time ever in my life - I RAN/JOGGED! 

 Image borrowed from THIS site

You do know that I am the most lazy person when it comes to sports and exercise.  I refuse to move a lot and refuse to feel the icky sweat trickling!  The only excercise that I have ever did religiously was Bikram Yoga.  I fell in love with Bikram Yoga because it was a low impact exercise that burned thousands of calories!! 

The thing was - I stopped at 2008, because I was getting very busy planning my wedding.  But once my wedding was done - laziness crept in and here I am, almost two years later - chubbier and the laziest I've ever been!!

So what changed my mind?  Well, firstly - running was free, I didn't need to pay for any gym membership!  Secondly - I can do it by myself!  Thirdly - weight loss was fast!! :)

And so I decided - I bought myself a pair for Ryka rubber shoes in ROX.  They were on SALE, and so I called my brother-in-law to ask whether he's heard of the brand.  He actually said that it was a good brand that specialized in women's shoes - but it failed to 'click' here in Manila, thus the sale - but all in all, he said it was good.  When my brother in law says its good - then it must be!  And at the price of about P1.8K - it was such a steal!! :)

I broke them in on my Guangzhou trip - and they were really comfy.  For a person who does not wear closed shoes and rubber shoes often - this I must say, is one of the most comfy shoes, ever!

My good friends KA and DE are runners - they've been running for quite sometime already.  It was a good thing that they live near me, and what's better - they run in UP!  And getting to UP, they can actually pass by for me!  Perfect right??  Yes, just perfect!  They invited to run/jog with them - and I said yes!  I really wanted to try out running you see, but there has been no chance at all!!  Thank goodness for KA and DE!!

And so last night they picked me up at 8pm.  I had to ask KA what I should be wearing and bringing!  She just said 'Wear comfy clothes, bring water and extra shirt and an iPod!'  Those were things she told me to bring - and the last one, well - I don't have an iPod, I never did and I think I will never ever will own one, but I have my trusty and reliable Phillips GoGear!! :)  And so, I loaded up an audiobook - it was Malcolm Gladwell''s Outliers.

When we got there, I was actually nervous.  I saw the long street and I was honestly intimidated.  I mean - just by looking at the street, man - I was definitely in for something!

But I started to brisk walk, then jogged, then walked slowly, then brisk walked and jogged.  I wanted to run the whole way BUT i felt too tired!  My Panget instructed me that if I get tired, I should walk slowly.  I must not stop because my muscles will feel the pain.  And so I didn't stop.  So imagine, for about 45 minutes, I was walking and jogging and walking non-stop!!  I walked and jogged two full rounds of the oval!  According to KA one round was 2.2 km - so that means, I did a 4.4km walk!!  Isn't that FANTASTIC??

That is such an achievement for me!!  I am ecstatic and am in such a wonderful high!!

I can't wait to do this again!! :)

CALL for Posting!: Team Carnival Week #7 - Online Friendships

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello everyone!  I am Team Carnival's host for Week #7

Since I'm the host this week - I had thoughts on what topic to discuss.  I've been tinkering on some but finally landed on one - Online Friendships!  This sprung out of watching my favorite TV series FRIENDS!  

I would like to ask our lovely members on their opinions and views on Online Friendships!  Do you believe that online friendship can turn into real one?  Or do they just keep us company online?  Did the internet somehow bring you together?  How?  Why do you think so?

In the years that I have been actively online - I have found friends online who later became my good good real friends.  I have friends who've met their significant others online - amazing isn't it? 

I hope you can share your thoughts and insights on Online Friendships!

Let me know! :)

*Image borrowed from THIS site

WINNERS of the Then & Now Music Festival 2010!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I got the results using Random.Org

Winner #1 is princess_xyborg (at) yahoo (dot) com

Winner #2 is jannessevillanueva (at) gmail (dot) com

Winner #3 is emiliana (dot) sison (at) gmail (dot) com

Winner #4 is magnet972 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Please respond to the email I will be sending you in a while!!

Are you ready to QUIT Facebook?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've been seeing so many tweets on quitting/deleteing/deactivating Facebook..

Whats the fuss all about?

Jayvee then posted a shout on his FB account asking 'So are you brave enough to delete your FB account?
Then he shares a link about being Zucker-punched by Facebook

Here's another site:
Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook
More Reasons Why You Should Still Quit Facebook

So, are you ready to QUIT Facebook?

I am! :)

canDIshhh VOTES!

Monday, May 10, 2010

This morning - I woke up nervous and excited.

I immediately checked on my Plurk and Twitter accounts for updates.

As early as 11am - reports of PCOS machines failing have been on the radio, tv and social networks on TV.  This honestly got me worried.

When I got to the precinct - I immediately looked for my name on the list, checked my cluster and asked the PPCRV volunteers for the precinct number.  They were ready with a map to show me where in the baranggay hall it was located.  As I entered the baranggay hall, I first noticed the long lines, followed by the number of people from all walks of life, followed by an observation that - it wasn't like this in the past elections where people were seated down rather than standing up.  As I reached my precinct's table - I was shocked.  I then gave my SSS id to the person in charge - she then searched for my name.  Honestly - this took the longest as she was looking at the wrong list!  It turns out that she thought my middle name was my last name!  Tsk.. Tsk..  But right after figuring out her oversight - she then made me sign their 'list' and handed me my ballot, a short brown envelope, and the Smartmatic pen.

I remember reading numerous articles saying that the ballots should be clean and free from stains.  I immediately inspected my ballot and found that there was a pen smear at the end of my ballot.  I showed this to the election officer but was told this 'Okay lang po yan!  Walang problema!'  I then found a seat and marked the ballot with my votes.  It took me less than 5 minutes to complete my ballot.  Once I was done - I gave my ballot to the election officer - he then returned it to me and told me to feed it to the PCOS machine, when the machine fed my ballot, I waited for a few seconds for the result on the small screen - I sighed in relief when I saw that my ballot was accepted!

Total time spent:  15 minutes.

I think I was very lucky.

My heart does go out to those who fell in line for hours just to vote.  Each and everyone who did just that deserves a huge THANK YOU from the government and Comelec.  These people who waited did not falter - they wanted to exercise their right to vote!  And they did.

We're all now waiting for the results.

COMELEC says that 50% of the results will be in by midnight tonight!!

So, we're all hanging on!!

I think the automation was fairly successful - I can't and will never say very successful because there were a lot of PCOS machines that broke down.  Let's also not forget the CF cards fiasco days before election day!!

J&J Bedtime Discoveries: Be a Bedtime Believer!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Help spread the love!!

Join and be part of the Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries!

Trixie Esguerra 0923-4576817

Supermarket DI'scoveries: Invisible Kool Aid!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

DI'scovered:  Puregold in Subic!

I honestly overheard two kids walking by the powdered juice section all giddy and chatty.  They were looking at a certain Kool Aid.  When they left - I looked at what they fussing about.  I saw - Kool Aid, great!  Another Kool Aid drink!  Nothing new right?  But when I turned back to my cart - at the corner of my eye, I saw something.  And so, I did the 'double take' and then I finally saw why those two kids were giddy!

It was KOOL AID - Invisible!

What the hell did that mean right?  And so, I read on - and there it was 'Clear drink!  Great fruity taste!'

Now, isn't that something?  I proceeded to tell my Panget's SIL, she said that, the 'invisibility' may make the drink healthier as there will be no more additive of coloring!

Cool huh?!

Giving away tickets for Then & Now Music Festival 2010!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I am giving away tickets to the Then and Now Massive Music Festival 2010!

Yahoo!!  Imagine watching a single concert with so many artists!!  Cool right?

From the Then and Now site:

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival ambitiously positions itself as-- quite possibly-- the biggest Philippine music event of the year. We have six artists performing all their greatest hits for all their Filipino music fans: TQ, SWV, P.M. Dawn, Diana King, Baby Bash, Frankie J, JoJo, and even a few more to follow.

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival is an all-hits show-- not an album tour, nor is it a promo tour. Expect a great deal of show, as all our featured artists will be performing nothing but their hits just for their fans in the Philippines.

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival happens on Saturday, 15 May 2010, at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Tickets are available at Ticketnet and Ticketworld outlets. Ticket prices are currently pegged at (VIP) Php4,400 | (Gold) Php2,860 | (Silver) Php1,650 | (Bronze) Php770
Thanks to Massive Music Manila, I'm giving away 3 pairs of Silver Tickets to this wonderful concert!

Here's how to join:
 Leave a comment on this blog entry - complete with the following details:
     a)  Submit a song from any of the Then and Now artists that make you nostalgic and
     b)  Tell me why it makes you nostalgic!  or what it reminds you so much of!
     c)  Please include your email address too!!

Contest runs from today till May 13 at 11:59pm - winners will be announced on May 14, 2010 (Friday)
Kindly make sure that you submit COMPLETE entries - as incomplete entries are automatically disqualified!!