Want to win a Sassa Tanktop?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

 Of course you do!! :)

And since we're right smack in the middle of the summer heat;

Thanks to Sassa Activewear - I am giving away a Sassa Tanktop!! :)

I have been a fan of Sassa since my Bikram Yoga days. They were the only one who had the short shorts that I wanted, thus - I bought a lot!! :) Little did I know that they also made stylish activewear and swimwear! What's the best? They're really affordable!! :)

Do you have a Sassa story?

Share it and get more chances to win a Sassa Activewear Tanktop!! :)
(If you don't have a Sassa story yet, you can still join!  Read below)

How to join:
1. Become a Facebook fan of Sassa (yes, I know you want to!)
2. Leave a comment on this blog entry with your email address (a valid one please!)
*You can leave as many entries as you want!

Here's the bonus part:
*If you share a Sassa story - you're automatically given 5 entries!!
**If you don't have one, it's still okay - your entry is still valid, but you have to submit more entries to win!

Remember, read the instructions carefully as incomplete entries are automatically disqualified!!

Contest runs until April 26, 2010 at 11:59PM
The winner will be announce April 27, 2010 (Tuesday)


  1. Oh I super love Sassa. You're right. They look fashionable and are priced reasonably. I discovered them years ago when I began yoga and most of my yoga outfits now in the closet are made by Sassa. They look so good I can even wear them outside of yoga classes.

    And, I am already their Facebook fan too. Joined them when they first put the page up. :-)

  2. Oh! I have another story. Once, I went to yoga classes at Strata 100 in Pasig and totally forgot to bring my yoga clothes. My yogini friend and I were there quite early, several hours early actually. She suggested we run over to nearby Robinsons Galleria to buy one. Had my outfits been those expensive imported ones, I would not be able to afford a last-minute purchase. But since I use Sassa, I knew it would not burn my pocket. So off we went to Galleria and enjoyed trying their Activewear line. Happy ending: I came away with a new set of yoga clothes that were so affordable and I got to do yoga that evening. Woot!

  3. i haven't tried using Sassa... if I go to malls, I always skip over Sassa because I thought it is expensive like the other brands pero as I read testimonials about it, wow it's okay with the budget pla... thanks for the info...

    i've become a fan already...

  4. sassa activewear is not a fan page.

  5. yesterday nagshopping kami sa landmark makati with my 2 daughter,we bought swimwear,gagamitin namin this coming april 14 sa antipolo. ngayon ko lang napansin, yung mga binili pala namin ay sassa ang tatak,ganda kc ng mga design nila.

  6. i'm already a fan of Sassa in FB but I've always been a big fan of Sassa for a long time now. I've got 6 sets of their sportswear and 3 sets of swimwear..i love it to bits! it fits right and it's very affordable! i also love yoga and Sassa has the best Activewear collection to boot!


  7. followed sassa on facebook - here's my blog entry for this contest.


    thank you so much.

  8. followed on facebook

  9. cha
    followed on facebook

  10. I wanted to try yoga for the first time and I think the best outfit would be Sassa.

  11. Wow! The tanktop really suits the seasons hotness! I really hope I could have a tanktop as hot as sassa wears! I heard a lot of good things about yoga classes, maybe I'll look forward to join one sometime, but when I do, I'm sure I'll use Sassa wears!

  12. I am amazed at all Sassa swimwears because of the cute designs and the fabric quality. With this tank top, no doubt that this is perfect for all those with active lifestyle.

    Email Address: madel_martin@yahoo.com
    Facebook Account Name: Madel Martin

  13. I followed on facebook :)

    Hi!i'm an avid fan of this brand; sassa active wear because it offers a lot of reasonably priced products. sassa active wear is a local swim wear industry, and yet it has a high quality compared to the other known brands. :)

    this is my email: czatantan@yahoo.com

  14. Here is my sassa story..

    This summer, I went to a pool party together with my highschool friends. While we're partyin' and having a lot of fun, my best friend's swim wear accidentally malfunctioned. We both went to the rest room and that's the time I remembered that I bought 2 sassa swim wears before the party.(the one that i'm wearing and the other one is kept in my bag) I'm totally glad that I also brought the other one.. That evening, I let her use it and she's very thankful that i brought an extra swim wear. This is the moment I realized that sassa swim wear is not like the other brands because their collection is comfy, affordable, and it has a HIGH QUALITY.! :)

    my email: czatantan@yahoo.com

  15. I love the latest swimsuit collection of sassa active wear :)


  16. I'm a fan of Sassa Activewear in Facebook. I never regret the first day I bought two pairs. It was very fashionable, stylish and at the same time affordable. It's my favorite among my other sportswear because it's comfortable and breathable and the design is simply eye candy. That's why it's the brand I look out for in the department stores.


  17. Here's my Sassa story.

    Last year, I bought 4 pairs of Sassa swimwear all of which are two piece swimwears. Whenever I have the time, I would go out swimming at a friend's pool during the early morning of Saturday with friends as my exercise. They would comment to me that I have a lot of cash because every time we go out swimming I would have a new and different set of swimwear. I just laugh it off and told them it wasn't new. All I did was mix and match the sets which they didn't notice at all because the fabric does not wear off like any other brands which make you think it's old. Little did I know I achieve that kind of effect to them. That's why i like this brand a lot.

  18. My family is a fan of sassa. For our family trip in Boracay,my mom, sis, and me all bought our sassa outfits in Landmark. We love the designs and quality of their products, not to mention its durability and head-turner styles. I can still remember when one of the surfers in Bora looked up to my sister and asked the brand of her swimwear (she was wearing sassa that time)! haha. A filipino brand like Sassa is indeed a two thumbs up!


  19. the designs are beautiful, and most of all its affordable

  20. Joy Mesina-BahiaApril 11, 2010 10:14 PM

    I t was one day in August 2009 when I first learned about Sassa Active Wear--I actually won a tank top with matching long pants via a radio contest at 99.5RT. Cool huh? =) I find it so useful and comfy...and was surprised to learn that it was locally made and available at very friendly prices. I would definitely want to win another Sassa item!


  21. My daughter and I went shopping for swimwear last March at Cinderella-Glorietta in preparation for our company outing and we went loco over Sassa! She got herself an orange top/bottom pair with a pony tail while I went for a blue top/bottom. It is amazing that Sassa has a lot of swimwear options for plus-sized women like myself. Their collection is so pretty that it stirred the shopaholic in me!

    I'm a Sassa fan - emiliana sison

  22. My Sassa story:

    I've always been a fan of Sassa swimwears. Their swimwears and tanktops fit me best. They have this classy and trendy look I've always loved. Every summer, I see to it that I buy a new one to complete my yearly collection. Last year, unfortunately, a pair got stolen by a boarding housemate. It got me really depressed for a month. Until now, I still think about my lost swimwear. :(


  23. Ma. Bernadette VillarinApril 12, 2010 9:29 PM

    I have a Sassa swimsuit which I bought 2 years ago and its still looks like brand new until now. I even wore it on my baby shower party! it's so comfy and stylish plus it's worth the price!=)

    Ma. Bernadette Villarin

  24. Hi count me in...

    Become a Sassa Active wear fan on FB

    I have been a Sassa wearer, my daughter's first swim wear was a Sassa, my swimsuit that I bought around three years ago I still use it until now. I believe in this product.

    even if it's not required, I blogged it here. http://www.vernzfreestuff.com/2010/04/win-sassa-tanktop.html


  25. This is my first encounter with Sassa
    cute stuff.


  26. I love Sassa swim wear, me and my daughter always make it a point to always buy the same swim wear so we could stand out on the beach. mother and daughter wearing the same style and color. its very comfortable and reasonably price.

    Ruby pasion

  27. i never wear swimsuits but i always see sassa active wear in the department stores.. i love their designs :)

    became a fan of Sassa Activewear in FB

    Joanne Gonzales

  28. I truly love Sassa swimwear! I recently brought another one weeks ago, from their latest collection, and have wore it 3x already. It fits me well, I look good on it and the best thing is - it is reasonably priced. This is the brand that I can get to wear all year round :)

    added in FB Sassa Activewear - czaroma

  29. Love their shorts and swimwear. May sizes eve for chubby girls!

    added in FB

    email address: nica.mandigma@gmail.com

  30. I have a Sassa swimwear. I like their styles and it fits my body well. Plus, I don't have to pay much to look good. Their prices are affordable. Quality-wise, its much better than other expensive brands.

    Added as fan in FB

    Email: joni_villarosa@yahoo.com

  31. kinda confused. the sassa activewear account on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Sassa-Activewear/50821329633?ref=mf) only allows you to "like" it and not become a fan. Am I on the right facebook page?

  32. regardless, I have "liked" sassa activewear on FB. please check recent activity on my fb's (Salmon Cat) profile page, http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100000751461447&ref=profile.

  33. hi again. sorry about my previous comment. apparently "like" and "become a fan" are the same in fb. got confused there.

  34. The two locations where I check out sassa clothing would be at the 2nd floor of the Landmark at Trinoma, very near the escalator and 2nd floor of the department store of Robinsons Place Manila.

  35. posted a pic of my sassa swimwear here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/49621974@N03/4553744417/

  36. sorry for posting over time. i know these last two posts don't count in the final tally. just wanted to provide proof that i do own a sassa.