Supermarket DI'scoveries: Egg Crater Noodle

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What is every woman’s favorite past time? Shopping! There’s bag shopping, shoe shopping, clothes shopping, jewelry shopping, window shopping if the budget can’t permit, and grocery shopping!

So, what do you think is my favorite category?

Bag shopping, clothes shopping, shoe shopping – Nah! I feel like it’s a chore! Seriously, I am so lazy to shop for clothes, bags and shoes! My Panget is the more obsessive shopper between the two of us.

Jewelry shopping? - I honestly do not know the kinds and the types, for me – they all look the same, real or fake! Hahaha..

I think we all know what it really is - it’s grocery shopping! I can spend hours and hours walking through the aisles of a supermarket. - literally hours! If time permits, I walk through each aisle, looking and scouting for new finds! That is why when I am overseas – I bring a camera with me, so I can take a photo of my newest discovery (even if it’s actually not a new discovery for some) The delight in seeing something I’ve never seen before is euphoric! I can’t explain – but I’m always giddy with delight whenever I see something new and unique! If I can just buy them all!!

Last Holy Week, my Panget and I were at our usual spot. The heat scorching Subic Freeport! And once again, I find myself – walking through the aisles, one by one. Looking, searching, trying to find that ‘new’ find – and voila! We chanced upon a Japanese noodle pack.

What first attracted me was the egg in the picture. I mean, come on – isn’t that the cutest? In most Asian instant noodle, you’ll see the beef, the pork, the mushroom and seafood but, never the egg alone on top of a noodle on the picture. When I looked at the back of the package, I saw something cuter than ever! Apparently, the noodle has his sort of crater-like hole that you place the egg to, it’s specifically made to hold the egg! And so we bought it.

And last night was the first time we ever tried it! Here are the images!

Now tell me, ain’t that cute?

I think I’ll start a series of entries specifically for this and I shall name it - Supermarket DI’scoveries!

Watch out for more!!


  1. huwaw ang cute nga! meron kaya sa sm nito? ah tama, Supermarket DI’scoveries!! :)

  2. Haha.. cool :) is that a Japanese brand? hmmm, meorn kaya sa Asian groceries in Manila? :P

    Thumbs up for Supermarket Discoveries!! I'd love to read that and prolly share mine too.