Samantha Thavasa

Monday, April 05, 2010

I'll be honest - when I first heard this name, it made me wonder - is it a legit brand? So I googled the name and voila - indeed, it's a legit brand, and its from Japan!

Its quite popular - and I thought it wasn't!

A lot of celebrities are seen lugging it around!!

Welcome to the world of Samantha Thavasa Japan and Samantha Thavasa USA!!
I can't believe that they even have a Samantha Thavasa Facebook page!!

Image borrowed from THIS site

So - have you heard of this brand? Is it any good? :) Like its designs?


  1. Check out Nicky Hilton's collection for samatha thavasa :)

  2. @Jean&Rosz - wow! thanks for the heads up! Will check it out!