Chili's Burger Madness

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

 the Bacon Burger

Just in the nick of time, my Panget and I made it to Chili's Burger Madness.

What was supposed to only be a fast stopover at Starbucks to wash hands, ended with an almost midnight; snack of burgers!

I've honestly never tried Chili's burgers and this was my first time..

And I should say - for a first time - the burgers were not bad at all!  The patties were huge and since it was only P118.00 a pop, it was such a steal!!

One concern though - I think the servers get a little cranky towards midnight, they seem not to jolly about getting orders.  But then again, consider that they have been at it since lunch time, and I'm sure the lines were the longest!!

That's why next time - catch the 'late midnight snacking crowd' so you won't fall in line too long!!


  1. Didiiiiiiiii!!!! I can't believe you were able to try this! :) Last time we went, they were out by 8pm booooo.... :D

    Was this in GH branch? I should try next time again. YUMMY POST!

    And loving your photos in your recent entries!!!! Is this Edmund's cam? what is it again? Canon GF?

    Between Bites

  2. Janey! This was at the GH branch, next time go super late! Let's go together next time! :)

    This isn't GF1, selfish si edmund when it comes to GF1