Chili's Burger Madness

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

 the Bacon Burger

Just in the nick of time, my Panget and I made it to Chili's Burger Madness.

What was supposed to only be a fast stopover at Starbucks to wash hands, ended with an almost midnight; snack of burgers!

I've honestly never tried Chili's burgers and this was my first time..

And I should say - for a first time - the burgers were not bad at all!  The patties were huge and since it was only P118.00 a pop, it was such a steal!!

One concern though - I think the servers get a little cranky towards midnight, they seem not to jolly about getting orders.  But then again, consider that they have been at it since lunch time, and I'm sure the lines were the longest!!

That's why next time - catch the 'late midnight snacking crowd' so you won't fall in line too long!!

Wedding Essentials’ Cover Proposal: Say “I DO!” to the Offer of a Lifetime!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

He proposed, you said yes. And there began the wedding of your dreams. Now WE’re popping the question on another opportunity of a lifetime. Do YOU want to be on the cover of a magazine? If you say I DO! then all that’s left is for you to answer the following question: What makes a beautiful wedding?
Is it a thousand fresh flowers shipped from abroad? Every single member of family confirming to attend? Is it a garden wedding? A wedding by the beach? Are there five hundred guests? Or fifty?
WE want you to tell us what makes a beautiful wedding. From the gown you picked to the food you served, from the guests you invited to the surprises that came—tell us how your wedding day was beautiful and YOU could be on the cover of our magazine!

How does this work?
  • Beginning April 27 we want to receive stories from YOU on your real wedding. The WE Editorial Staff will read through your stories and determine the ones they want to feature in the blog based on the following criteria:

    • Theme/Concept – Uniqueness and creativity of the wedding. How is this wedding different from others? What overall ideas reflect creativity and care for having a beautiful wedding?
    • Execution of Theme – Relevance and personalization of wedding details. What makes the wedding uniquely personal to the wedded couple? How do the details express the bride and groom’s personalities and journey towards each other?
    • Expression – Entry substance and picture quality. How well does the entry manage to move its readers through the words and pictures used?
  • Starting May 10, Monday, we will feature one (1) wedding story per day on this blog.
  • Throughout the week, readers will get the chance to vote on their favourite wedding story via the online poll on this site. Voting will end at 12 midnight on the Saturday of that week. At the end of the week, we will announce the Wedding of the Week winner as determined by the votes received in the poll.
  • This promo will run for ten (10) weeks ending in July 18, 2010. There will be 10 Wedding of the Week winners.
What’s at stake?
  • If you are one of the ten Wedding of the Week winners, you will receive Php1,000 in cash, a WE gift bag worth Php3,000 from our sponsors, AND be featured in our Beautiful Weddings -October Issue.
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    *Note: All 15 couples to be featured in the magazine will be asked to make a few revisions to their submission according to our magazine writing guidelines in order to prepare their story for publication.
So how do you participate? Well, here’s the deal:
Weddings that will be featured must fulfil the following criteria: (1) have already taken place last September 2009 or later and (2) have a Philippine connection. By Philippine connection we mean that your wedding must have one or more of the following: (a) a Filipino bride, a Filipino groom, or both; (b) a Philippine venue; or (c) at least 3 Filipino wedding suppliers.
  1. Email your entries to Entries must:

    1. Contain 600-800 words in English
    2. Express details of the wedding in blog or photo essay format in your own voice (no formal language necessary)
    3. Include 3 tips for soon-to-wed readers on how to have a beautiful wedding
    4. Be accompanied by 8-10 color or black-and-white photos in JPEG format (minimum resolution: 150 dpi)
It must immediately be clear to the reader how the wedding fits the above criteria. Aside from that, WE want you to be as creative as possible (TIP: Check out our previous issues of Beautiful Weddings or entries on this blog to see the kind of articles we like to receive).
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Questions? Leave a comment in the blog and WE’ll get back to you. If everything’s clear, start writing. WE’re looking forward to reading your stories!

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We HEART weddings!

WINNER of the Sassa Tank Top!

I've received a lot of entries that were incomplete.

But good news is - I did not disqualify any of them.  I figured, why not just include everyone!  I mean for all the effort that was put in to read the entry, 'like' Sassa's FB page, and comment on my blog.  Everyone deserves a chance to win the Sassa tank top!

So here it goes!!

Below are names and email address of everyone who joined.  When you leave a Sassa story, you are entitled to 5 entries, thus the schedule below:

I used to pick out the winner, and the result was:
And the winner is czatantan (at) yahoo (dot) com !! :)

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have just won this  Sassa Tank Top!!

To all those who joined - THANK YOU!!

Travelling to Guangzhou & Hong Kong: Part 1

Monday, April 26, 2010

I’ve heard so many stories about the Canton Fair – that is huge, and attracts so many people. But I’ve actually never been there.

Enter my Panget’s business trip.

I was nervous to be honest, I mean – I’ve heard that you will walk your ass off! And I’ve never done that, even if I’ve been on a few shopping marathons years ago – I was scared. I was scared to the point where I actually bought a pair of rubber shoes! Yes, I really bought one – and thank goodness for the steal I got it for, thank you ROX for having the brand Ryka on sale!!

We started the day early – reached the airport at 6:30am. What welcomed us at the counter was an advisory, saying that our flight was overbooked – and that any passenger who was willing to give up their seat/s will have the following gratuities:
a) a CONFIRMED flight early in the afternoon
b) a complimentary round trip ticket to Hong Kong
c) P3,000.00 or hotel accommodation.

My Panget and I thought about this – I mean, a complimentary trip to HK? We thought it was a good enough deal. We were very much tempted to take the offer but then, the purpose of the trip was to attend the Canton Fair – and if we had accepted the offer, the sole purpose of the trip will be futile. I was even kidding with the officer behind the counter to upgrade us – to which she replied with an ‘are you kidding’ laugh that upgrades have certain priorities – like the Mabuhay Miles Elite members and etc. I tried right?

While inside the lounge – we were surprised when an officer (who happends to my by mom's friend) came up to us, asking for our boarding passes. I didn’t hesitate to give my boarding pass, I thought maybe they needed it for records or something. So, when were handed the boarding passes – I was surpised to hear the words ‘You’ve been upgraded to Business Class na!’ Talk about luck right? My Panget and I were delighted! I mean, wow right!

Mabuhay Class aka Business Class!!

The tray with fruits and muesli

The YUMMY muesli

My Panget's spareribs dish

The Chicken Inasal

Since my chicken inasal came late, this is what my tray looked like..

The flight was pleasant enough, although the flight attendant forgot to give me my main meal – I don’t know how she can forget about me, when she has been giving to each and every one in front, behind and beside me (my Panget). My order of Chicken Tocino became Chicken Inasal, because she forgot! But before I was given the Chicken Inasal – there was this Muesli that was served, it was with mango and raisins and etc. My Panget said that it tasted icky – he didn’t like it, so I toughened up and gave it a try, lo and behold – I LOVED it! Hahaha… It was a little weird at first but then when you eat more, it tastes better and better!

Since we were just passing through in Hong Kong - we took the Airport Express – you then get off at the Kowloon Station. Once there, go up the escalator or elevators and look for Exit B for the free shuttle to some Tsim Sha Tsui hotels and to the Hung Hom station. Hung Hom station is where you ride the trains going to mainland China - they call this 'through trains'.

The Hung Hom station was quite impressive, I mean – it was modern, but what turned me off was the lack of signs and lack of people helping out to point you to the right direction. Good thing my Panget’s uncle was with us and guided us to the ticket booth, and off we went. The train was supposed to leave at 12:14 in the afternoon, but it left 12:28 – this made me wonder, will we get to Guangzhou on time? Well, we were late – for exactly 28 minutes.

Let me tell you about the train. Gosh, when I knew that my Panget and I were riding the train from HK to Guangzhou – I was ecstatic and excited. I’ve always told people that for me, the best way to travel through China was by train. I don’t know why – but I love the feel and ambiance of it. Maybe because whilst studying there – it was the only affordable mode of transport for us students to travel intercity/state! My dream will always be – traveling from Xiamen to Beijing! I know it will take more than 24 hours, but what the heck – if I like the mode of traveling, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. But this train ride – has to have accompanying friends, most of which will be my former ‘back-pack’ travel gang in China. This is quite impossible now as most of us have our own lives – we’re almost all married off!

Anyhoo, going back to the train – well, when I saw it, so many memories rushed back in. I felt as if I traveled back in time, the trains still looked the same – and the smell, it was still the same. What made me really enjoy the memory, was when I thought of the toilets. For me, the thing that will make me realize that I was back in China was the toilet. When I entered the toilet – I smiled, well because finally – I was back in China – the toilets were, on the floor. But mind you, this toilet was clean – and if you would believe, stink free!! I know its gross, but I had to check if I was really back in China! Hahahaha!!

When we were approaching the Guangzhou East Railway Station. I had a silly grin on my face, my Panget was actually wondering why the grin. I can’t explain it, but you see – I’ve been so hungry to go to China for years and this was my first time to actually set foot again on the mainland. It was like I was coming home, coming back again. I know this will sound bizarre, but the dingy-ness of the Guangzhou East Railway station – it made all the difference! Fran and Paul advised to me buy the return tickets immediately after arriving – and so I did. I was so glad that Holiday Inn City Center’s representative was helpful enough to point me to the right direction! When we got to the ticket booth – it was mayhem. I remembered again the thing that irritated me the most while in China – the mainlander’s refusal to fall in line when need be. Imagine, there were only 2 windows selling tickets, yet somehow – there were about 20 people crowding the windows – and those behind the counter? It seemed they didn’t mind! When it was my turn, I was literally boxing people out and shrieking ‘Bie Ji Wo’ which means don’t crowd me! But yet, I lost the fight, apparently – the ticket lady wasn’t impressed! She then refused to look at me, that was until I raised my voice to her. Thankfully, the representative helped me out. I thought to myself – had I brought my Panget along to buy the tickets, he would have been culture shocked at the sight and at the happenings. But not to worry, I’m sure he will witness it when we ride back to Hong Kong.

When we got to the hotel, we were delighted because the staff knew how to speak English!  We were then showed to our room, it was old - reminded me of the old rooms in the Exelsior Hotel in Hong Kong, but all was good as the bathroom was clean and the room was too!

I suggested to my Panget that since we had time to spare, to go the exhibition hall, to see what the place, to get a map so we can plan out our agenda for the next day.  What welcomed me were massive buildings!  

Fran's Paul described it as ‘tatlong Megamall sa isang hall, tapos tatlong hall yun!’ Okay – in my mind, that was 9 times the size of Megamall. I mean hey, I can walk Megamall from end to and, and it doesn’t pose as a problem for me that it’s three times that walk times three more times! I thought to myself, ah, maliit lang yan! Kayang kaya!’ But when I first caught sight of it on the taxi– my jaw dropped. The description of Paul didn’t do it justice (sorry Paul!) because the place was MASSIVE!! It was HUGE! Huge beyond anyone’s imagination! I was astonished at the humongous convention center. I told my Panget that even if I walked the distance of Megamall nine times – I still won’t be able to finish the whole convention center!

I was in awe, literally in awe. I mean – this has got to be the BIGGEST convention center, ever! Walking to it – it made me realize what Jack was feeling in Jack and the Beanstalk! The convention center looked like it was made for giants and not humans! I’m sure you’ve seen how tall SMX is right? Well, this convention center I think is 2.5 times SMX in height! I mean, yeah – I may have exaggerated a bit on the size, but that was what it felt like for me, till now!

I know it’s out of topic but for those who have seen 2012 – and thought, how can China have built those pods? Well, its possible alright! They were able to build this massive convention center, they can build the pods – indeed!

I was and still is very much impressed with structure of the convention center. Is there an episode on Mega Structures featuring the building of this massive hall? I do hope there is!!

Supermarket DI'scoveries: Egg Crater Noodle

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What is every woman’s favorite past time? Shopping! There’s bag shopping, shoe shopping, clothes shopping, jewelry shopping, window shopping if the budget can’t permit, and grocery shopping!

So, what do you think is my favorite category?

Bag shopping, clothes shopping, shoe shopping – Nah! I feel like it’s a chore! Seriously, I am so lazy to shop for clothes, bags and shoes! My Panget is the more obsessive shopper between the two of us.

Jewelry shopping? - I honestly do not know the kinds and the types, for me – they all look the same, real or fake! Hahaha..

I think we all know what it really is - it’s grocery shopping! I can spend hours and hours walking through the aisles of a supermarket. - literally hours! If time permits, I walk through each aisle, looking and scouting for new finds! That is why when I am overseas – I bring a camera with me, so I can take a photo of my newest discovery (even if it’s actually not a new discovery for some) The delight in seeing something I’ve never seen before is euphoric! I can’t explain – but I’m always giddy with delight whenever I see something new and unique! If I can just buy them all!!

Last Holy Week, my Panget and I were at our usual spot. The heat scorching Subic Freeport! And once again, I find myself – walking through the aisles, one by one. Looking, searching, trying to find that ‘new’ find – and voila! We chanced upon a Japanese noodle pack.

What first attracted me was the egg in the picture. I mean, come on – isn’t that the cutest? In most Asian instant noodle, you’ll see the beef, the pork, the mushroom and seafood but, never the egg alone on top of a noodle on the picture. When I looked at the back of the package, I saw something cuter than ever! Apparently, the noodle has his sort of crater-like hole that you place the egg to, it’s specifically made to hold the egg! And so we bought it.

And last night was the first time we ever tried it! Here are the images!

Now tell me, ain’t that cute?

I think I’ll start a series of entries specifically for this and I shall name it - Supermarket DI’scoveries!

Watch out for more!!

Going on a trip!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yes yes yes!!
I'm going on a trip!!  To my beloved - China!!

Too bad I won't get to visit Beijing - my second home.  Come to think of it, last I was there - I just finished my studies!  I can't believe that its been almost 8 years already!!  Has it been that long?

Now, I think - my knowledge on the language will be tested.  I mean, no practice for 8 freaking years?  I smell a lot of senior moments and booboos!  Which reminds me, I think I need to refresh my Chinese speaking and listening skills (if there are any left!)  hahaha....

Image borrowed from THIS site

Can you guess where I'll be going?

By the way, I'll be going to the City of Lights right after!

 I'm all so excited to taste authentic dimsum and of course - Din Tai Fung!  Can you imagine the food galore?  Oh my goodness!  I can't stop thinking about food!! :)

The last trip I made to the City of Lights was the year before I got married, to which I won the tickets to!  And now will be the first time to go as Mrs. Panget!  Hahaha!  I can't wait to get to the City of Lights!!

Image borrowed from THIS site

Any suggestions on where to eat in Canton and in HK?
(For HK suggestions - let's omit DTF, Yung Kee, Zen, Dan Ryan's Delicious Kitchen, Crystal Jade, Sweet Dynasty and etc. - something new perhaps?)

Want to win a Sassa Tanktop?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

 Of course you do!! :)

And since we're right smack in the middle of the summer heat;

Thanks to Sassa Activewear - I am giving away a Sassa Tanktop!! :)

I have been a fan of Sassa since my Bikram Yoga days. They were the only one who had the short shorts that I wanted, thus - I bought a lot!! :) Little did I know that they also made stylish activewear and swimwear! What's the best? They're really affordable!! :)

Do you have a Sassa story?

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Here's the bonus part:
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**If you don't have one, it's still okay - your entry is still valid, but you have to submit more entries to win!

Remember, read the instructions carefully as incomplete entries are automatically disqualified!!

Contest runs until April 26, 2010 at 11:59PM
The winner will be announce April 27, 2010 (Tuesday)

Samantha Thavasa

Monday, April 05, 2010

I'll be honest - when I first heard this name, it made me wonder - is it a legit brand? So I googled the name and voila - indeed, it's a legit brand, and its from Japan!

Its quite popular - and I thought it wasn't!

A lot of celebrities are seen lugging it around!!

Welcome to the world of Samantha Thavasa Japan and Samantha Thavasa USA!!
I can't believe that they even have a Samantha Thavasa Facebook page!!

Image borrowed from THIS site

So - have you heard of this brand? Is it any good? :) Like its designs?

Jean & Rosz: We have 3 WINNERS!! :)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thank you so very very much for supporting Jean & Rosz's Accessory Blog and Raffle!!

And now, we have the three winners!! :)

Here's how I picked them with the help of

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