Rest in Peace JP!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Last night, I attended the funeral of a godbrother. I actually do not know if we’re god brothers, but one of his sisters is my mom’s goddaughter – so, I think it was safe to assume that we were god brothers. I’ve known their family since I was little. We attended each other’s birthday parties, saw each other in school and other social functions. They’re those type of people who you have so many many common friends with, most everyone knew them in one way or another.

To give you an overview – his parents had three daughters, and since there were enough daugters – his parents hoped that on the fourth pregnancy, it would be a boy. And indeed it was a boy – JP. His parents tried three more times after JP, but no boy came, instead they were blessed with three more beautiful daughters. Since JP was the only boy – he was the favorite of everyone, especially his dad.

During the eulogy of his friends, JP’s dad cried a lot. To tell you the truth. I’ve never seen so much love for a son and for a dad. With the stories that were told, one can safely assume that he was a daddy’s boy. He was the dad’s favorite, and in return – his dad was his favorite too! JP was said to be so proud of his dad and I’ll be correct to assume that he loved is dad so much too. His friends kept repeating ‘Uncle Joey, JP loved you so much! The love, I tell you is unmatched.

JP was a very good friend as he regarded his friends like their were family. As Auntie Juliet would say ‘Papatay yan para sa kaibigan’ (he would kill for a friend) - that is how loyal he is. And that is a rarity nowadays. Loyalty most often that not, comes with a price. But with JP – he gave it freely and to everyone who wanted it. He was the life of the party, everywhere he goes – the people he’s with will surely enjoy his company.

He dies two days after he celebrated his 26th birthday. He died in a car crash on the C5/Ortigas flyover. His godmother says that the marks left by the car crash is still visible on the wall of the flyover – the red paint is still there.

JP was a very happy, caring and loyal fellow..

Rest in peace dear JP!!

Do watch over us..

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