Helper woes..

Monday, March 08, 2010

Managing a household, I realized is not easy. It looks easy but it isn't.

Last December, my reliable helper had to leave because her family is being relocated to Laguna. She told me that she will try her best to return because she enjoys her job. I have to be very honest, I love her dearly - she's really something. I don't need to tell her what to do! She sometimes even suggests on what she can do to clean! Isn't that something? But then, she had to go.

Now, my mom found me a helper. She's quite forgetful, she needs a lot of reminding. At first, the reminding was okay - but after a while, I get tired of reminding her to do things. Thus, I made a list of things to do everyday, once a week and reminding of what she needs to do before she sleeps. I printed it out and even laminated it so it won't get destroyed.

She still doesn't follow at all!! She still forgets some tasks!!

What am I to do with her?

My patience is really thinning.

Taking care of a household... Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!


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After 7 months, I officially have a 'drinking glass' casualty. The helper broke the it last night, she lifted the whole dish rack to clean the pan underneath. She said she forgot the glass was there, and when she lifted the rack - the glass fell on the floor - kaboom!


  1. i can totally relate to you! its hard... but we need lots of patience. ang hirap pa naman maghanap ng kasambahay now... so tyag tyaga lang...

  2. Thanks @buendiaavenue! Kelangan talaga ng massive amounts of patience! Kakaiba!! I wish my previous helper would come back!!!

  3. didi! other than being forgetful, okay ba sya magtrabaho? :) i have a suggestion, dikit mo sa ref or somewhere visible yung laminated list tapos have her tick off that particular task each time she finishes one - use whiteboard pen para pwede i-erase everyday. :)

    p.s. make sure rin na readable for her ang list (baka mamaya malabo pala ang mata!) hehe! :D

    teka didi, naconfirm mo na ba if your helper knows how to read? baka naman hindi pala nya naiintindihan ang list kaya hindi nya nasusunod? :O

  4. @Rain - actually, she brings the list with her. She knows how to read naman. Trabaho wise, well kelangan may konting tutok, and constant checking. Thanks for the advise on the ticking off the tasks!! Good idea yon!