J&J Bedtime Discoveries

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last Saturday, I attended the Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Discoveries event. I was actually surprised that I was invited, since I was just recently married and not yet a mom. But I then realized - that maybe, this was in preparation for something. And that something is - having children! No, I'm not yet expecting - although I look like I am (since I gained weight after the wedding) I have been dodging looks and questions if I was expecting already - but it's inevitable. They say - it's the next step, and I have to agree with them.

I love kids - I enjoy taking care of them. Call me crazy, but I volunteer myself as a baby-sitter to my friends. I enjoy the process of taking care of kiddies. Kids are adorable right?

It was only during the event, that I learned that there is such a thing as a proper process in putting a baby to sleep. There is a 'science' behind putting a baby's sleep. I honestly wondered what it was all about - I mean, come on! A science/proccess?

Sleep apparently is where the babies grow more. Tests show that when the baby is asleep - there is 3 times more growth hormones that are released! Now, a non- mommy like me doesn't know that! I mean, I know that babies need sleep, long sleep - but for what? Its primarily because babies grow more then they're asleep!! Amazing isn't it?

For babies to have better sleep, Johnson & Johnson tested the 3-Step process:

Step 1: Warm Bath
Bathe baby in warm water, use your elbows to test the water's temperature. This is to ensure that your baby's skin won't burn with the water. Remember, babies' skin are sensitive! What is tolerable for us might not be tolerable for them!

Step 2: Soothing Massage
Give baby a soothing massage. This, I learned from the mommies present, is something they all enjoy doing. Tintin Bersola-Babao says that she enjoys this part very much! The midwife taught us the 'I LOVE U' massage. It's quite simple actually as you just need to draw with your fingers those letters on the baby's body with a little pressure. There are other massage techniques but this one was the demonstrated and is simplest to remember (I think!)

Step 3: Quiet time
Create and environment that is conducive for baby's sleep. Dim the lights, play soft soothing music to help baby sleep. I always wondered why one needs to dim the lights to sleep - apparently - its conducive to sleep. This is where you can hum the baby to sleep or do your 'bonding' thingies here. It was also advised that one should try to put the baby in the crib/bed/play pen as much as possible - so that the baby won't get used to having someone carry him/her to sleep. Makes it easier for the mom and the child. :)

The J&J product line that will help baby sleep better.
Each product releases the 'special calm' essence

For those who want more information, Johnson & Johnson has partnered up with BabyCenter.com for the Johnson & Johnson Bedtime site. Its a website that has so many helpful tips on parenting and baby's sleep. There's a Sleep Profiler - which you can fill up and is interactive. There's a Mommy Corner - where other mommies share their experiences with you. There's a Sleep Toolbox - to help you make baby sleep faster! Visit the site and see what wonders it has in store for you and your baby!