Bath & Body Works giveaway - Last few days!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't miss your chance to win a Bath & Body Works Body Cream!! :)

Here are the mechanics:
1. Leave a comment on my blog by clicking HERE (not on this entry!!) - any positive comment will do!! You can leave as many comment as you want. (the more comments you make, the more chances of winning!)
2. Then send me an email at with a subject : HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIDI! (one email is enough for one nickname with multiple comments)
3. Indicate the following details:
.....a) Nickname: Your nickname/name on your comment (so I will know, it's you!)
.....b) Complete Name: Fist and last name please
.....c) Contact Number: your number will be kept confidential

Contest will run from today until 11:59pm of January 24, 2010

The WINNER will be picked from the pool of comments and will be announced on my birthday - January 25, 2010!

5 more days to go!! :)

Hurry! Hurry!!

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