Luxe Print 2010 Planners: Which one are you?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

In this digital age - most everyone has a cellphone / pda to log in their reminders and things to do for a certain day. But for one who is not apt with these techie gadgets - I still rely on a trusty planner to jot notes and dates and what not's. I'm still fond of the idea of having to buy pens and write down my reminders on a notebook!

And at this time of the year - we, I think go through a 'Planner Craze' phase. We receive a lot of planners from people - as corporate giveaways, or we earn them buy purchasing a number of drinks from a certain coffee house, or we buy those 'generic' planners from our trusted bookstore.

I am very OC when it comes to choosing a planner. Firstly - it has to be cute or something that has to be Didi, I mean - I am not into those generic types of planners. I want something nice to look at when I jot down things on my planner. Secondly - the size, it has to fit my bag - something not too big and not too small. Thirdly - the paper of the planner! I am very critical when it comes of the paper - as you know - I am very critical of my pens - so my pens need to have a nice surface to glide on. Fourth - the price, remember! You get what you pay for!

You may say - I might have a hard time looking for a planner right? With all my kaartehans? Well, think again - because I found one four!


Party Girl!

Beach Babe!


So, which one are you?

Take a look inside!

Aren't they the cutest??

They're just P475.00 each!
And for pre-orders during November - its just P450.00 each!! Cool right?!
Planners will be out first week of December.

These cuties will be available in bazaars during the holidays! (List to follow)

For more information:
Luxe Prints

P.S. I will be giving one away this Christmas!! Stay tuned for the mechanics!!

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