White Hat Frozen Yogurt

Monday, September 14, 2009

Here's what I've had so far:

Lulubelle - it was too sour for me, I mean - yeah, I get it - yogurt, but it could have tasted better right? And the combination with choc-nut, my gosh - it was a disaster! My Panget gave me an odd look and asked me why in the hell, was I still eating something that tasted, well - icky! I answered him simply with 'Sayang eh!'

California Berry - I have to agree with my friend Kath that this indeed was the best I've tasted - at that time of course! I mean having come from Lulubelle the week previous, this tasted heavenly!!

But it was my bff Kim who told me to try Red Mango - that for her it's the best froyo in town. I've been passing by the stall of Red Mango for months whenever I'm in Trinoma - I never got myself to try and line up. I was sort of laughing at the name at first, because it sounded funny! I mean Red Mango? hahaha!! But then one time - I told my Panget, we had to try it out - as per BFF's recommendation. And the result - it was freaking love at first taste!! It was hands down the BEST I've ever tried! I forgot about all the other that I have tasted - this for me was and is the best froyo, ever!! And so whenever in Trinoma - my Panget and I would buy this frequently! Even my Panget's mom - my now, mom-in-law - loves Red Mango.

Okay - so then I hear from dear Phoebe, that for her - White Hat is still the best. I was curious. Honestly, I've don't frequent MOA - so my White Hat sightings have become really really limited. But yesterday afternoon, while strolling in Robinson's Galleria - I saw the stall. I was excited, I told my Panget that we had to try it out - and he happily obliged - and the verdict? It was also love at first taste!!!

I know understand what Phoebe meant. I think, if I tasted White Hat first before Red Mango, White Hat would be it for me and my Panget. Plus, I think that for P85.00 a cup, White Hat had a tad bit more yogurt (compared to Red Mango) which makes it my new favorite!!

I wish Trinoma had a White Hat station.... Might have to walk to nearby SM for my regular dose of White Hat froyo!!


  1. White Hat has a branch in SM Annex (the new bldg in SM City). So if you are in the QC area, you can still have a taste of White Hat. :)

  2. Hi Janet! Thanks for the info! Will be passing by soon!!!! Yahoo!!

  3. White Hat is the BEST! Not only their yoghurt, pati na rin the toppings. My gosh, naglalaway ako...

  4. For me, White Hat is the best Froyo in town. But I was disappointed when I went to MOA a week ago and had White Hat. The froyo wasn't as smooth and creamy as it was before. My sister also noticed it.
    Paging Eric Chao!