Contest: Singapore Lah!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I've just been to Singapore once - and that was 4 years ago.

And I HATED it.

I hated it because of the:
a) Heat - my gosh!! I was sweating like crazy!!
b) Expensive shopping - EVERYTHING was expensive! Even if the stores were on sale, they were STILL expensive!!
c) On-Call Taxis - Taxis are no where to be found during rush hour because all taxis want the extra charge for on-call! I hated it!! My twin brother and I waiting 4 hours just to get one!!

These are the reasons why I REFUSE to go to Singapore, but since dear MIL and FIL are sponsoring a trip next week - why the hell not right?

But quite honestly, I'm not that excited to go, I mean - what is there to see in Singapore right? It's such a small city! I am excited to see my good friends Cubie and Mabs, and to go on food trips! I am super excited to hang out with them and visit Muji and Ikea! Hahaha.. :)

So - I have a project/contest, from now till the 24th - I'd like to ask for suggestions on where to eat. When I visit the place you suggested and like it - you earn a pasalubong from me!! :)

Project: Like Singapore Lah!
Mission: I'd like to give Singapore a chance, with this contest!! Give me tips and recommendations on where to eat!! :)

Just kindly leave the names of the restaurants on the comment section. I know that for sure there will be double entries of a certain restaurant, so - let's do it like this - 'first come first serve'. Whoever will submit the name of the resto first - will get to claim that resto 'entry'. One comment per restaurant. I will be picking the Top 5 restaurants that I liked!! :)

(Please disclude Din Tai Fung in your lists!! Hahaha.. )


  1. no signboard seafood restaurant!!

    i love their concept, the food, EVERYTHING!!!

  2. If Edmund likes it, does that count? Haha... this might seem so ordinary since the Outback here is blah... but tell him to try Outback in Singapore and order Governor's (or diplomat) plate something... as a steak lover, he won't regret it! :P

    Between Bites

  3. * Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

    Excellent black pepper crab – the Sri Lankan crabs are very meaty. The black pepper sauce is fragrant with butter and spicy enough to get your tastebuds all tingly.

    i. 1018 East Coast Parkway (next to Singapore Tennis Centre)
    Tel: (65) 64458833 or

    ii. #01-04 East Coast Seafood Centre, 1202 East Coast Parkway
    Tel: (65) 64483636

  4. Supposedly the best Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore- Boon Tong Kee

  5. Last na promise hahahaha!

    When are you going again?

    Marche in Vivo City – sections of sections of food.

  6. wish i could suggest something but i've only been to singapore like 2 times and that was like 10 yrs ago pa. well enjoy singapore didi! eat hainanese chicken rice!!! that's my fave.

  7. boon tong kee
    five star hainanese
    hawker near mabs place (prawn mee) ask hime how to get there

    for sure ok yang mga yan

    just in front of mabs' apartment.

  8. Try goin to Lau Pa air hawkers area..yummy talaga mga satay (bbq sticks) , sabayan mo na ng beer hehehe

  9. crystal jade in vivo city.. actually maraming restos dun sa baba facing sentosa. ok rin dun...

    tapos look for chimes din may mga restos din dun and shopping.

  10. Lau Pa sat-its v famous.. if u say lau pa sat in singapore, everybody will know where it is.
    the nearest mrt to go there is raffles place mrt station.

    Ok din yung fastfood restaus sa Wisma Atria mall..since u dont like the heat..daan ka lang sa loob ng malls to the other malls...alam ko may mga underground passage sila

  11. ay naunahan ako ni fran sa no signboard resto! haha! :P

  12. Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
    - the big name in seafood! laveeet!

  13. Try Newton Food Centre. This is a hawker type place. Order the cereal prawns... One of the best I've tasted. I think most of the restos there can cook this meal.

    Another must try is the Chili Crabs from Jumbo Restaurant. Brocolli with scallops is a must try as well.

    Last but not the least is the Ikea Food Court. They have specials for each day. We have tried the Honey Chicken Rice which was the special the day we were there. A must try is their Chicken Wings.

    Note: Go to Ikea in Alexandra. It is bigger than the one in Tampines.

  14. Di go to Dempsey Hill... Daming restos dun!

    Tsaka may Morton's Steak House pala sa may Orchard. Isang hotel dun i forgot eh hehe

  15. i agree with Rose, definitely Jumbo Seafood, many branches, and consistent quality. even if u don't eat seafood, there are other dishes to choose from.

  16. Jumbo Seafood in Dempsey Hill
    No Signboard in Esplanade
    Dimsum Buffet at Marina Mandarin's Peach blossom
    Lunch dimsum buffet at Paramount, Katong Area - care to join us chie di? this is THE BEST. you can eat Sunday lunch here, even if hindi buffet.
    Meritus Mandarin's Hainanese Chicken Rice
    the hawker near Bradell MRT's chicken rice - ive eaten this for 6 months. it's cheap, but it's just so darn delicious!
    The Katong Laksa place at the Katong area.
    Newton Hawker
    East Coast Hawker.
    Crystal Jade Vivo City, and Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao in Holland Village

  17. pasta brava at tanjong pagar-we usually destress there with friends on fridays-you can draw/doodle on the white tablemats with colorful pens/chalks while dining:) walking distance from TP mrt me when you're here in SG, i'll walk you thru:)

    just google pasta brava singapore you'll read thru lotsa reviews on it- here's one:

    have a safe&sound trip,


  18. Hi, I hope you get to love SG this time. I actually think it's a nice place, even if it's small. The people you're with should just know which tourist/eating spots would tick your interests. :)

    If you're not so much into their local food, try Sushi Tei, it's a resto chain very much like Sakae Sushi. Have the Dragon Roll or Golden Dragon Roll. I swear hindi mo malalaman ang kaliwa't kanan sa sarap. :)

  19. lau pa sat talaga sikat.

    try fried mars balls (can be found in Chippy British - they have one in far east plaza) - not really a where to eat answer but i think its quite good if you love chocolates.

  20. I don't have a particular resto in mind but you should try the hawkers at the Makansutra Gluttons Bay. Malapit sa Esplanade.

  21. hi! try the following restos:
    1. thai accent
    2. manhattan fish market
    3. ajisen ramen
    4. kuishin bo @ suntec

  22. Me recommendations will be
    1) Melt Cafe at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, worth itsprice & 'salt' in SIngapore
    2) Long Bar at Raffles Hotel, here the 'no littering rules' do not apply, you are free to throw peanut shells on the floor. Good getaway from too many rules here.
    3) Esplanade, Makan Sutra Foos Court, try the BBQ Stingray & Squid
    4) Swedish meatbals at Ikea.(They still do it in the same way).
    5) If you are into shopping,you might want to visit Ion Orchard, they have the latest fashion labels.
    6) Check out the Japanese mooks at Kinokuniya, some comes with brand name totes such as Gucci naem card holders, YSL Tots, all for the price of one mag.

    The above places except for Esplanade food court are all havens for 'sun drenched' Singapore.