My 'special' neighbor..

Friday, August 28, 2009

I have been thanking my neighbor for a month now because of the internet access I have at home. I am so thankful for wifi - as I have benefited from it for many many nights.

Just last week - I met one of the neighbors because; he's friends with Panget's dad - thus he came in our house to relay an issue. He then told me that another neighbor - has the same issue as his! He blurted out the name and I was stunned! Literally STUNNED!

I was shocked and scared after hearing the name. I was terrified! What if he breaks into another tantrum? When I told Panget - he just laughed off and told me - 'Didn't you know?!' How in the freaking hell will I know?!? Panget said he knew of this since last year!!

I will not disclose the name - I will just give clues.

Clue #1 - My neighbor is a HE
Clue #2 - He was recently pardoned by PGMA
Clue #3 - He figured in a road rage turned deadly incident.

Have you guessed?

May I please ask that you DON'T leave the name on the comment section? Please?

borrowed from THIS site

I am seriously scared, but Panget said that he's harmless - I just hope that will hold true forever!!

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