Long overdue haircut..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Since my big day has come and gone..

I have been contemplating on... Having a haircut!!

Yes, I have been thinking of sporting my short do. I have been missing it for years!!

But the thing is.. I feel guilty - I mean, I've sacrificed growing my hair for a long time, and I feel that when I cut it really short - all my efforts have been futile! But then again - I have waited this LONG to have it cut.

So, I am still trying to decide - if I'm cutting it short or just having it trimmed.

What do you think??



  1. since the big day is over, i guess you can freely experiment with your hair now.

    i had a hair cut yesterday.. pixie cut. very short (i look like a boy) , and the decision was made out of impulse. but then, it feels good to change something, as I was getting too bored with my long hair.

  2. @Liza - wow! I bet you look super cute!! That's the haircut that I miss! The Pixie cut!! Thanks for dropping by ah!! :)

  3. Mr. A started to call me Liza-Boy. LOL

    How's married life?

    Geez, it's been a while. I was disconnected for a moment kasi super busy. :-)

  4. @Liza - Hahahaha!! Married life is weird but fun! LOL. I know! Its been a while for me too!! Just found the time after the big day :)

  5. ask panget's opinion. :) its improtant he likes your hair especially he's the one who'll see it everyday. :) R likes my hair long and i don't mind keeping it for him kasi i like mine long too. pero syempre if I realy wanna cut it short, it's still me who has the last say.. :)