The FINAL days..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I think I have a different calendar. I've had this notion that I still had 2 more Sundays to go before my big day. It was only My Panget's SIL and cousin who made me realize that... my wedding is next freaking week!!

How time flies...

This afternoon - my Panget and I headed to the venue to meet our coordinator, florist, lights and sounds guy and events manager. I just have to say - I have a great team going!! I loooooove my suppliers! They're all so nice and I must say - very very good!! I truly made the right decisions!!

Looooooooove them!! :)


  1. katawa ka! :D buti nalang someone reminded you. kundi baka sa sarili mong wedding day, ikaw yung wala! haha! july 26 ba? you have the same wedding date as one of my highschool friends. good luck, didi! have fun on your special day! :D

  2. congratulations to your panget and best wishes to you didi!

  3. I wish you all beauty and luck on your wedding day! :)