The OFFICIAL countdown begins..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today's the day that I have finally accepted that I am indeed, getting married.

This morning - I finally went to my make-up artist for a trial session, my Panget was there with me.

Right after - I went to my designer for my second fitting - my Panget and BFF KI were with me too. My Panget wanted to be there to see how my dress would look like, but was stopped y BFF and designer. Hahaha!! Poor Panget - he was sent out of the room! Good thing - he had his PSP on tow. At least hindi siya na bore!! :)

I was made up, I wore my wedding shoes, I wore my (incomplete) wedding dress.

It was then that I realized - this is it, only a few more days left and I will be Mrs. Panget.

Questions, doubts and so many other things are in my head - Will I be ready? Will I cry while walking down the aisle? Will I be relaxed? Will I become a bridezilla? Will it be the happiest day in my life?

So many questions, so many thoughts.....


  1. just like what Joe Mari's song says... it is the first day of the rest of your life... with your other penguin...
    you will surely enjoy that day... and savor it, honey! pictures ha! tons of them! me wanna see... ;-)

  2. natawa naman ako sayo... talagang mrs. panget pa sinulat mo. LOL!

    happy preps! :D

  3. I am soooo excited for you Didi!!!

    It is after all the most important day in your life and in Edmond's...

    It's the beginning!

    Love and Best Wishes.


  4. enjoy your special day! i can relate to this blog entry since I just had ny first fitting a few weeks ago. best wishes! =)