The Judai docu got me excited!! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Watching the Judai-Ryan special on TV made me sorta excited for my own big day. I say this for the first time, EVER! Friends know what I have been saying for the past months - but tonight, after watching the special - I am indeed excited!!

I wish my reception will be as happy as theirs!! I will make it my BEST to make it a happy happy happy wedding!! :)

Even if I've still no wedding invitations printed, no bridal shoes yet, I've yet to have my first fitting, there's no definite and final guest list - I am quite excited.

I just hope that my Panget and I finish all the details soon! We have a little over 60 days..

Please cross your fingers!!! :)


BTW - any suggestions for my bridal march? No cheesy songs please!! :) Hahahaha... :)


  1. Di...

    "Here, There & Everywhere" on strings. Ala Phoebe Buffay.

  2. I went with a string quartet playing Pretty Woman. It was fun to watch everyone's amused smiles as I walked down the aisle. And then we changed it to More Than You'll Ever Know when I reached the middle of the aisle.

  3. if you want your groom to cry? pachelbel's canon in D is a classic. :D

  4. Hi Minds! Onga noh! But kinda shying away from those types eh.. Hehehe...

    Hiya Anonymous! That's really cute!!

    Hello Anonymous! I don't think he'll cry with that - he just asked me this afternoon what that song was! Hahaha.. He found it too cheesy!! Hihi..

  5. two words (i do) Lea salonga
    fields of gold (eva cassidy)
    how beautiful (twila paris)