it's SURREAL!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

In less than 60 days - I will be married to my Panget.

I can't believe it's that soon!!

Less than 60 days...

Things have been becoming surreal, especially this past week/end:
  • I had my first fitting! Even if its only the lining - IT IS THE LINING. Yikes!!
  • My Panget had his first fitting too! (So I have an idea what he looks like na!)
  • Paid for downpayment for the shoes I'm having made at Solea
  • Received my friend's text message that he's done with my and my Panget's wedding rings (and he gave me a hefty discount!!)
  • Made downpayment for the wedding invitations (Amis Printing is the BEST!)
  • Paid the Church fee, Church florist and Church requirement fees!!
  • Picked items for the wedding registry..

The countdown starts!!


  1. Hi, Candice!

    Congrats! You're almost there! Enjoy every moment in preparing for your wedding. Btw, I think I saw you at SM North Edsa some two weeks ago at the linen section:)

    Caren (theeatingroom)

  2. Didi, I hate to think I'm missing out on this. Congratulations!! Best wishes!!! :)