AI Finals: Adam Lambert vs Kris Allen

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo borrowed from THIS site

I love this finals!!

A subdued singer vs a music theatre singer!!

Exact opposite, but equally good.

I am partial to Adam because he's made the show more entertaining and he's the one who thought of every move, every song sung, every gimmik to make his performance different and exciting.

On the otherhand Kris has been fighting it out to the finish - he's been putting out all efforts, giving us a taste of a different Kris with or without his guitar. He's the dark horse for me.

Whoever wins - deserves it.

They're both very good - I'm so glad Danny's out!! He's become boring you know, predictable! I said time and again to friends (you know who you are) that Danny's rise to the top won't last long - he'd already plateaued mid-season - his best performance for me would be that of the Rat pack era. As my twin brother would say - 'malamig ang boses niya, bagay sa theme ng Rat Pack'

This has got to be my favorite Americal Idol ever!!


  1. I never recovered from not liking Danny eversince the "gamitan" angle where he (or his relatives, rather) really looks like he's using his wife to gather sympathy votes. So glad that it's Kris vs. Adam.

  2. Hi Mac! I felt the same way as Simon - I don't buy the hype! And truly - the hype was just a hype!! He was THE only contestant who didn't ever get in the bottom 3 - YET, he lost... As I always tell friends - Plateau - he's reached his peak and was plateau-ing!!

  3. I think a lot of people like AI (including us) because of the fact that it is still unpredictable. You'll never know whats gonna happen next. I'm rooting for Kris Allen, btw.

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  4. Hi Musikero!! Thanks!! :) I think Adam is the runaway winner - but if Kris Allen wins, then its an upset! Hahaha.. :) Will link you up!!

  5. Well, based on last night's performances (which MP3s are available for download at my blog), Kris may have a shot after all...

    By the way, I linked you up in my blog...