it's SURREAL!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

In less than 60 days - I will be married to my Panget.

I can't believe it's that soon!!

Less than 60 days...

Things have been becoming surreal, especially this past week/end:
  • I had my first fitting! Even if its only the lining - IT IS THE LINING. Yikes!!
  • My Panget had his first fitting too! (So I have an idea what he looks like na!)
  • Paid for downpayment for the shoes I'm having made at Solea
  • Received my friend's text message that he's done with my and my Panget's wedding rings (and he gave me a hefty discount!!)
  • Made downpayment for the wedding invitations (Amis Printing is the BEST!)
  • Paid the Church fee, Church florist and Church requirement fees!!
  • Picked items for the wedding registry..

The countdown starts!!

The Sandbox ad on EDSA!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Its not so clear here but the ad is up and is lit so very brightly!! Yehey!

Doubts and Fears

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, I accompanied my Panget's SIL (Sis-in Law) and cutie niece to Landmark to buy a few things. Ellie, my Panget's niece is the most mabait 2 year old that I have ever met! She doesn't throw tantrums, she listens to what we say and most of all, she knows how to compromise!! :) She doesn't run around the mall, she just follows us around - although there are moments where she goes astray - like wanting to ride the escalator! and sitting on a huge palanggana and watching people do their normal shopping and looking around - but overall, she's such a sweetheart to watch over, no complaints!

When we got home to SIL's house - I saw how she took care of her 2 kids, and I thought to myself - in a few years, I will be like her! But I'm honestly afraid, SIL is one of the most considerate, most caring, most loving people I know and me? Well, I honestly think I am sorta selfish - although I have a good heart, I don't know - there are doubts, doubts that say 'Can I be like this and that? Can I sacrifice for this and that? I don't know!! Doubts and fears slowly creeping back in!!

I am amazed on how she manages to share her time with her kids, husband and family! To think that its only been a week since they came back from the US (she gave birth there) - she's somehow adjusted. I ask myself - can I do the same? I really don't know. I even had this thought while we were chaging Krissy (the newest addition to their family - she's turning a month old on the 30th) that I am NOT ready to be a mother anytime soon! I think I will have crying spells in case people pressure(parinig parinig!!) me to have kids soon! I don't know if I will ever be ready - waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

As they say - one step at a time...
(it took me THIS long to take this huge leap.. dahan dahan lang!)

No double stepping please! I repeat - NO double stepping!!

The Judai docu got me excited!! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Image borrowed from THIS site

Watching the Judai-Ryan special on TV made me sorta excited for my own big day. I say this for the first time, EVER! Friends know what I have been saying for the past months - but tonight, after watching the special - I am indeed excited!!

I wish my reception will be as happy as theirs!! I will make it my BEST to make it a happy happy happy wedding!! :)

Even if I've still no wedding invitations printed, no bridal shoes yet, I've yet to have my first fitting, there's no definite and final guest list - I am quite excited.

I just hope that my Panget and I finish all the details soon! We have a little over 60 days..

Please cross your fingers!!! :)


BTW - any suggestions for my bridal march? No cheesy songs please!! :) Hahahaha... :)

Welcome to SANDBOX!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Click HERE to go to Sandbox

Finally, the loooooooong wait is over!! :)

Introducing - Sandbox!! Our own version of Facebook!!!

what exactly is SANDBOX?

In Sandbox, you can create a profile and update your status for your friends to see. You can upload and view photos and videos, write a blog or join a forum discussion. You can send and receive email and open a live chat. You can download music and games or watch live specials and popular TV episodes. And you can do all this even when you're away from your PC because Sandbox puts all this on the mobile phone. It's a great web experience you can take with you wherever you go.

  1. What is Sandbox?
    Sandbox is a portal that brings content and services you love on the web all in one place.

In Sandbox, you can create a profile and update your status for your friends to see. You can upload and view photos and videos, write a blog or join a forum discussion. You can send and receive email and download music, games and various other content.

  1. What makes Sandbox different from other websites?

    • An online store that allows you to download music, games and movie-themed content to your mobile.

    • Tunes, the music store features the latest content including local favorites. You’re not limited to hits in just the US or UK.

    • Because it’s delivered to your mobile, it can be charged to either your prepaid load or billed above your postpaid plan. No need for credit cards.

    • You’re not charged in dollars. So no need to worry.

    • MyGroups simplifies social networking to something visual, fun, intuitive and feature-filled but straightforward.

    • Change your status, upload and download photos and videos, post blogs and send private messages to friends in fewer clicks than it normally takes on other social networks.

    • You can even create groups and your own mobile site.

    • Plus cool Forum discussions will keep you informed and hook you up with people interested in the same things.

    • And Mail makes sure you never miss out on the client’s or the boss’s urgent messages.

    • Find all these in just one place. No need to hop from site to site to site and suffer multiple sign-ups and logins. Sign up once, login once and get rockin’ on the web.

  1. Who can register?
    Anyone with access to the web can visit and browse the sandbox portal and register as a user.

  1. Do I really have to register?
    To enjoy everything that sandbox has to offer, it is best that you register. Prior to registering, you can already browse content on Tunes, Games and Moviemania and enjoy available previews. But if you want to purchase content you like for your mobile phone or try MyGroups, check out Forums and get Mail, you’ll want to register.

  1. Does registration take long?
    Not at all. It can be completed in less than a minute. Just click on register and fill out the required fields.

  1. Can I use the services right away after registering?

Not right away but definitely soon after. After completing registration, next step is the activation of your registered account. This involves getting a link and an activation code minutes after a successful registration. Smart mobile users will get this via text message and email. Other users will get this via email. This is to make sure that the person who registered and the owner of the email address and/or mobile number are one and the same. To complete the process, simply go to the link in the message and enter the activation code. Wait a few seconds for the confirmation and you’re on. All services, except Mail, are available to all users after registration. Currently, users with Smart mobile numbers will automatically get an email address and inbox on sandbox Mail, while others will not. We will let you know if or when this changes.

  1. How many times do I need to register?

You only need to register once. And because our system keeps a record, you don’t have to re-register on each service. We call this the single sign-on. Keeps things simple. Makes it easy. You register only once for Tunes, Games, Moviemania, MyGroups, Forums and Mail.

  1. Do I register separately for forums, mygroups and email?

The single sign on automatically registers you for all services. No need to sign on separately for each of them.

  1. Can I change my username and password later on?

Changing your username and password implies the creation of a new account which means you will not hold a record of your information or activity from your previous or original account. So unless you plan to keep more than one account active, the best thing is to keep the same username and password. If you must create another account for any reason, you must use specify another mobile number and email address that will be unique to that new account. Otherwise registration errors will result.

  1. What if I forget my username and/or password?

If you forget your password, just click on the Forgot password link and your password, along with your username, will be sent to your email address. Just use it the next time you login. Retrieve via web answer security question.

  1. Do I have to have a mobile number to register?

If you’re buying content to be delivered to your mobile, you have to have a mobile number. But if you don’t you should at least have an email address to allow us to send you an activation code that completes your activation.

  1. Do I need to register to preview, purchase and download content like music?

You can preview without registering but downloading content requires that you are both registered and logged in. If you’re not registered and you click to purchase and download content, you will be taken to the registration page. If you’re registered and not logged in, you will be shown the login page.

  1. Can I preview all content types and titles?

You can click on all the previews offered. It’s free. But not all content types and titles will have a preview. On Tunes, most of the interesting music titles we feature will have 15 second previews. Previews of content for Moviemania and Games will depend on the availability of preview material.

  1. Will I be charged for previews?

Absolutely not. So you’re welcome to check out available previews that interest you.

  1. Who can download?

Currently, only those with Smart mobile numbers will be able to successfully download content to their mobile phones. An announcement could be made if this changes.

  1. How much will I be charged for content I download?

Depends on the content type and title. When you hit the download button, the price will show and you’ll be asked to confirm the purchase. So you don’t have to worry. Most content will cost anywhere from just P15 to P50 per download.

  1. How will I be billed for content I download?

If you’re a prepaid mobile user, the download will be charged against your existing load. On postpaid, you will be billed on top of the plan charges.

  1. How do I know that the content has been delivered to my mobile phone?

When you download content you will a message will appear to confirm your purchase. After clicking to accept the charges, a message will appear to confirm if your purchase was successful. If successful, a purchase pin will be sent to your mobile phone a few seconds after. Enter the pin in the purchase confirmation page and a link will be sent to the mobile phone number you specified. Open the link to download the content to your mobile.

  1. What will I do with the link I get on my mobile phone?

Simply click the link to open it. If the phone asks if you want to install or save the content, just click yes to get the content into your phone. Content will reside in your phone’s native or expansion memory depending on what you specified. You might have to look in several folders to locate it.

  1. When will I be charged?

You will be charged when you successfully open a link and install or activate the content to your phone.

  1. If I hit the download button and I change my mind can I still cancel the download?

If that happens to you, just calmly hit the cancel button and the purchase won’t go through.

  1. If the content isn’t successfully delivered to my mobile phone will I still be charged?

If your mobile phone doesn’t get the link by sms or if the link doesn’t open, preventing you from saving and later on enjoying the content on your phone, you will not be charged.

  1. Can I download content to my pc?

Currently, no.

  1. Can I use content from my phone on another phone?

Yes, under certain conditions. For instance, you can save the content in an expansion memory card and insert that into another phone. The game might load and the music might play if the content is compatible with the phone unit’s make and model.

  1. Can I forward content?

Currently, no. The labels and the artists don’t allow it.

  1. Does the content purchased have a limited life or usability?

Once you’ve purchased content on sandbox it’s yours to enjoy as much as you want. On games, there may be trial versions which would be playable only within a limited period.

  1. Will it work anywhere in the world?

If it’s on the web, it works everywhere in the world. Guess what? Sandbox is on the web.

Curious on what's about - check out Sandbox at

Reviews are here and here..

Dine with PAWS - Charity Buffet dinner for you and your pets!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a buffet for dogs, a buffet for humans and performances by
celebrities who support PAWS.

All proceeds of ticket sales will go to the PAWS Animal Shelter.

For ticket orders and inquiries, please text 0917-835240

Note: Tickets will not be sold at the door on the day of the event (May 30). All tickets need to be pre-bought.

AI Finals: Adam Lambert vs Kris Allen

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo borrowed from THIS site

I love this finals!!

A subdued singer vs a music theatre singer!!

Exact opposite, but equally good.

I am partial to Adam because he's made the show more entertaining and he's the one who thought of every move, every song sung, every gimmik to make his performance different and exciting.

On the otherhand Kris has been fighting it out to the finish - he's been putting out all efforts, giving us a taste of a different Kris with or without his guitar. He's the dark horse for me.

Whoever wins - deserves it.

They're both very good - I'm so glad Danny's out!! He's become boring you know, predictable! I said time and again to friends (you know who you are) that Danny's rise to the top won't last long - he'd already plateaued mid-season - his best performance for me would be that of the Rat pack era. As my twin brother would say - 'malamig ang boses niya, bagay sa theme ng Rat Pack'

This has got to be my favorite Americal Idol ever!!

Star Trek & JJ Abrams

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Borrowed from THIS site

I have said this time and time again - and still, I say it now - JJ ABRAMS IS BRILLIANT!!

I am HUGE HUGE fan of JJ Abrams, from Felicity till now!!! :)

I get excited whenever I hear or read of his project - I am SURE to catch the, and I am also SURE to enjoy them!! :)

The cast worked well together, I especially loved the comic relief!! :)

Star Trek is such a delight to see!! Panget and I are contemplating of watching it again!! Tara??

Chris Pine and Sylar did an amaaaaaaaaaaaazing job!! :)

I used to think that Star Trek was for nerds or geeks - and now, after watching - I think I am an official Trekkie!!!

Looooooooooooooved the movie!! (found it even better than Wolverine!!)

JJ Abrams - you're the BOMB!!

Mommy, Happy Mother's Day!!

To Mommy:

Image borrowed from this site

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

Though, I don't say it much,

More then EVER!!

for everything!!

LOVE you Mommy!!!


Unexpected Gifts

Friday, May 08, 2009

I got a surprise from the mail!

I knew it was coming - it just slipped my mind, when!!

Pao is a Plurk friend - we exchange comments here and there, every day!! Thank you so much
Pao!!! Thank you! Thank you!!

Now I understand your Anobei hirits!! Nakaka-addict! Nakaka-miss!!

I think this is the first time I EVER enjoyed durian! Hahaha..

Thank you cyber friend!! Thank you! Thank you!!

Ang saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!! :)

SALE! Panasonic Plasma TVs starts 30K up!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

All Brand New!! Panasonic Plasma TVs

TH42PS10 42" Plasma

TH50PS10 50" Plasma

TH58PS10 58" Plasma

TH65PS10 65" Plasma

TH103PS10 103" Plasma

*Sure buyers ONLY (DR only)
**Undecided buyers (DR only)
NO TUNER on 65" and 103"


Delivery Charge to be determined, all items are pick-up in QC

Celebrity Home: Judy Ann Santos'?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I was told by my friend who lives in the same South area village - that, this is Judy Ann & Ryan's new home. No actual confirmation, but who knows! Hahaha...

I took this pic!!! :)

The house actually looks really nice!! :)

Best Wishes to them!! :)

Cream of Broccoli

Friday, May 01, 2009

At buon giorno tagaytay!