Earth Day and Starbucks 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Global Warming is such a big issue to us, and to the whole world. We have been plagued with so many natural disasters, from floods to earthquakes to diseases. Thus, organizations have pulled its efforts in information and education of recycling and helping save our Mother Earth.

A few weeks ago, the whole world played part in the Earth Hour - we all did our part to help promote Earth Hour, and a few days from today - on April 22, 2009, we will be celebrating Earth Day!!

On Earth Day - April 22, 2009 - Starbucks is celebrating and participating with Earth Day's campaign!! So on April 22 - Wednesday (mark your calendars!!) Earth Day, Starbucks has a special promo and it's by offering all its customers special discount!! Yes, you read it right! A discount - P40.00 off all drinks when you bring your own tumbler! What's better? Instead of just one day - they're extending it till April 23, 2009!! That's two whole days of P40.00 off on your beverage of choice! Let's all do our share and bring our own tumblers to any Starbucks outlet on April 22 and 23, 2009!! Let's support Starbucks and Mother Earth!!

Help spread the word guys!! :)

Help celebrate Earth Day!

Help save Mother Earth!!

Special thanks to Z! and frannywanny!!


  1. Why can´t Starbucks in Manila serve the drinks in normal mugs/cups instead of the paper cups they use? Isn´t that better? I am a big fan of Starbucks but sometimes they do not make sense. :) Hehe.

  2. Hi Erica! Actually they do! But its upon the discretion of the customer. So, unless the customer asks for a mug, SOP is they give out the paper cups. The baristas do offer using the mugs, but if the clients want paper cups - then they need to use paper cups.

    There are anal/OC customers who are not keen on using the mugs, the barista's can't force them to use the mugs right?

  3. Ah okay. :)

    That is good then. The last time I was there kasi they did not ask. :(