Adam Lambert is IT!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have my favorites, and Adam Lambert is NOT one of them. I have a feeling that he'll go far on his own. He's a performer, trained and experience..

Almost an hour ago, I was floored - literally!!

Adam Lambert is BRILLIANT!!

He knows that buttons to push - he can somehow 'read' through viewers expecations! He surprises the audience with his range! He has got to be the best contestant ever!!

He knows exactly how to play the game, and that's beyond brilliant!

He entices, he amazes - he bowls us all over!!!

Grabbed from THIS site

I think AI has found IT!!

Not to sweep aside my favorites though! Anoop and Alison were good as well! I was impressed with Matt's performance though - he's good pala! Hahaha..

Finally, finally, FINALLY!! Li'l Rounds falters! I thought she was invincible to the judges - finally!!! She's human after all! The shouting and over-effort made the difference!!

So so sad that Megan's performance was bad... I liked her 'odd-ness'. Looooove her tone!!

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  1. Adam's my favorite. Love him, black nail polish and all.