Adam Lambert is IT!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have my favorites, and Adam Lambert is NOT one of them. I have a feeling that he'll go far on his own. He's a performer, trained and experience..

Almost an hour ago, I was floored - literally!!

Adam Lambert is BRILLIANT!!

He knows that buttons to push - he can somehow 'read' through viewers expecations! He surprises the audience with his range! He has got to be the best contestant ever!!

He knows exactly how to play the game, and that's beyond brilliant!

He entices, he amazes - he bowls us all over!!!

Grabbed from THIS site

I think AI has found IT!!

Not to sweep aside my favorites though! Anoop and Alison were good as well! I was impressed with Matt's performance though - he's good pala! Hahaha..

Finally, finally, FINALLY!! Li'l Rounds falters! I thought she was invincible to the judges - finally!!! She's human after all! The shouting and over-effort made the difference!!

So so sad that Megan's performance was bad... I liked her 'odd-ness'. Looooove her tone!!

Capricciosa Greenhills

Friday, March 20, 2009

Grabbed from THIS site

I first learned of this restaurant on Facebook - when I got invited to be a 'fan' of the place. I initially thought that it might have been a mis-invite, I mean - I've never heard of this restaurant before. While in Guam last year, I saw the familiar signage - it was then that I was told (by my twin brother) that one of his friends own the Philippine franchise.

Last night was the first time for me and my friends to try out the place. We were celebrating because KY just got engaged!! We got to Capricciosa (Greenhills branch) at about 8 - I found it odd that the restuarant was empty on a Thursday night! I think we were the only customers that night! Midway through dinner - another group of 2, dined.

Looking through the menu - it was your typical Italian restuarant - there were soups, pastas, pizzas and the like. I noticed that the prices were a bit high, but what the heck - we were there to celebrate right? So celebrate we did!!

We got the Squid Ink pasta (as recommended by KY's brother Jul), the Spinach Au Gratin (the picture looked really good!) and a combination pizza, this wasn't exactly on the menu - but the server gladly informed us that they will be able to accommodate my request of having 2 flavors, in 1 pizza. While we were deciding what to get for appetizers, KY told the server if she would be nice enough to hand us a flyer that we can use to get a free appetizer. The server's face fell and informed us that when she gives us a flyer - it should be used on the next visit. We didn't push fr it anymore thinking we might get the ire of the staff and 'you know what' may happen, so we just dropped it. When the server left relay our orders to the kitchen, server B went to us and handed us a small flyer - server B told us to hand it to the server who got out order so we could avail of the free appetizer. It was such a sweet and gracious move!! Props to server B - thanks so much!! :)

Our orders arrived promptly and upon sampling each dish one after another - I have to say - I heart Capricciosa!! Loooove the food - they taste so great!! I was honestly expecting the food to be so so, but I was impressed! All of our orders were so yummy!! :) I especially loved the pizza - there was a sweet tang in the tomato sauce and I loooooooved it!! Hahaha.. :) The spinach au gratin was also good! It was creamy - not over the top creamy, but just right creamy! It has the perfect mix of cream, pasta and of course - spinach! The squid ink was also good, the bad thing - well - the black ink! But I guess, its part of the fun - right KY, KI and SE? :) Here are some pics I took, I apologize for the quality as I just my SE W760i :) Hihi..

After munching on the dishes, we were told that we'd be receiving a complimentary dessert courtesy of Engie (Thanks Engie!) Remember the Friends episode when Joey was downing Rachel's english triffle? I sort of felt the same way, sans the meat of course! Vanilla ice cream - good! Warm blueberries - gooooooooood!! It was such a great way to end the fabulous dinner!! :) I'm sure to come back with my Panget in tow, that's a promise!! :)

Total damage - Php450.00/head, not so bad right?

Capricciosa Greenhills
Connecticut Street, beside Conti's and Sakana Sushi

A Very Special Love & You Changed my Life

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A month ago (I think) - I was surprise to receive a YM message from an old friend, Dondon. He was asking how I was and we got to chat. He was part of the group I was with when we did a Metro Manila Filmfest marathon one Christmas - can you imagine was saw 5 different Tagalog movies in a span of 12 hours!

I associate Tagalog movie discussions with Dondon, why? Well, because he's the only guy I know who is as observant as I am when watching tagalog movies! You see we were having a discussion on something (it escapes me now) then we were trying our best to identify this certain movie, we threw in lines, scenes, actors in the movie but our efforts were futile. So how did we finally settle the discussion - it was when we identified a certain dance number on top of a building that we were able to piece it together. It was a dance number of Benedict Aquino and Gretchen Barretto on the top floor of a building located somewhere in Manila! The dancing scene was so badly choreographed but it was so effective and done perfectly by these two actors! I think it was at that moment that I realized that he was as baduy as me! Hahaha..

So, anyway - he was asking me what Tagalog movie I saw last, I said one of the MMFF movies, he then asked if I saw 'A Very Special Love' the movie of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz - I said no. Now why was that a Tagalog movie nut like me failed to see it? Simple - I had to no one to see it with!! Hahaha.. Dondon then said that I have to make sure to watch it, because he knows I will enjoy the movie's being baduy.

Last Saturday - Imma lent me her take note - ORIGINAL dvd copy of the movie - I immediately put it on the player when I got home. So the verdict? I freaking LOVED every minute of the movie! Yes, the movie was soooooooo baduy and corney lines were thrown one after another but man, was I ENTERTAINED! I was so kilig that I was shrieking and laughing like crazy! It was such a good 'feel good movie'!! It didn't end there - since I enjoyed it tremendously - I saw it again after midnight, when I got home from the block DLSU dinner. I think I slept with a silly grin on my face!! Hahahaha...

Last Monday - the girls and I (the girls are my Panget's friends' wives) went to Trinoma to watch the much awaited sequel 'You Changed my Life'. Let me tell you, sitting beside Imma - the best thing because - we were so in sync with the kiligness, the laughter and the kabaduyan! Hahaha... The movie's baduy level is the same, still - I was very much entertained. Can you believe that there were tears, because I was laughing so hard!! Gosh - I've never been this entertained while watching a Tagalog movie!!

To Star Cinema - you've made a terrific love team with Sarah and John Lloyd!
To the Scripwriter - PANALO ang mga linyang isinulat mo!! Galeng, grabe!!
To Cathy Garcia-Molina - sana di ka magsawas sa kaka-direct ng mga ganitong klaseng pelikula! To Sarah and John Lloyd - mga Bebe ko - saludo ako sa inyong dalawa!! :)