My FIRST ever death threat..

Friday, February 20, 2009

I just received my first ever death threat.

And I got it thru the most techie savvy way - a text message.

So, what am I to do?

This sender (a globe prepaid number) claims to be the girlfriend of a doctor foodie blogger. She claims that I am flirting with her boytoy. Goodness gracious! The sender then continues to bash me and even went as far as saying that I am like my mom who's a wh*re. Dinamay pa pati nanay ko! The sender then sent me a string of bashing related texts.

But this morning - I got the shock of my life when I got a message from the sender saying 'Papatay kita if you still flirting doctor foodie blogger.....' I am mean - you know why? My initial reaction wasn't fear - I laughed out loud because of the wrong grammar! Hahaha!!

I want to retaliate, but what am I supposed to do?!?!?!?!


  1. grabe! may sayad na yan. hindi ba nyan alam that you're getting married already?!

    i think u can complain to NTC to have her number blocked since she has started threatening you!

  2. maganda dyan, forwardaan mo ng mga text messages na she can get a loan w/ no collateral blah blah blah. (usong junk text yan ngayon di ba?) para mahassle siya kahit pano. or post mo number niya sa mga text tv chat site. para ma hassle siya. hehehe.

  3. my gawd... looney naman yan! reply-an mo na lang with something her grammatical prowess can fathom... a curt "dont you dares tried that"... LOL

  4. ach keep her text messages you can complain sa NTC then again pre paid yan so why bother. just ignore her nalang. malaki na topak nun eh. also blogger pa ba si "doctor foodie blogger"? -fran

  5. kakatawa mga comments didi! hahaha! di ako makagawa ng witty comment sa kakatawa! hahaha!

    sana sinabi mo pangalan ni doctor foodie blogger na obvious naman kung sino para magreact yung mga nilalandi nya at yung "girlfriend" nya! hahaha!

  6. Hey Ben! Good idea, magtataka siguro yon! Hahahaha..

    Hello Rain! Yez, may sayad talaga..

    Hiya By! Hayluvet! Hayluv your idea!! Hahaha.. I couldn't stop laughing!!

    Hey Gits! Onga eh.. Hahaha!!

    Hello Fran! Yes, doctor foodie blogger IS still a blogger - bagong platform lang sha ngayon! Bukingers parin!!

    Hiya Oliboy! Pagsumobra - I will make bulgar talaga!! Gera kung gera!!!!

  7. i think you can tell her that her death threats would be more frightening if she used correct grammar! :D tell her you're natatawa rather than natatakot!!! :D

  8. Hi, new to your blog, and I think i'm getting hooked, you made me smile sa post mong to, laugh sana kaso nasa office ako, baka mapagkamalan akong baliw pag tumawa ako. :)

  9. hehe i think you're a real whore/slut

  10. @Grumpyurbanslacker - Thanks for dropping by! Kung pwede lang noh? Hahaha!

    @Mads - Thanks dearie!! Do visit from time to time. Glad to make you laugh! Hahaha

    @Baboongg - Hi first, thanks for dropping by my blog. Secondy - I don't think its proper for ANYONE to insult me on my blog. But thanks for doing so, because it shows your character and morals. Have a great day!! :)