Looking for a WEDDING SINGER!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Grabbed from this site

Yes, for the first time ever - I am using my blog to help find that supplier.

I am looking for a wedding singer. Nope, not the host slash wedding singer - I mean a wedding singer, wedding singer like Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer, sans the outfit of course! Hahaha!!

Okay - so here's what we need:

- A band that can play 80's hits (my Panget's panahon), 70's (our folk's panahon), 90's (my panahon) and contemporary songs. We don't like those cheesy love songs (Michael Buble type-ish, but if done in a not so cheesy with oh-so unique flair - game on!)

- They should be able to play fast songs too! But not too loud naman, remember - we have oldies in the house!! (but when they leave, rock-on!)

- Singer should enunciate english words properly while singing :) (this is the OC in me talking!!)

- They should be able to switch from fast to mellow-ish songs seamlessly (strict ba?!)

- They should be able to play Tagalog songs too!! Bwahahahahahahaha!! :)

- MUST be a Happy Happy band (really friendly! I hate masungit and large headed bands - Sorry!!)

So, any suggestions? Know of anyone? Referrals? Applicants? Hahaha!!

Email me at candishhh@yahoo.com

Thanks! Thanks! :)


  1. Please visit http://www.sugarstorm.co.uk or call 08450 750606 they can help you find exactly what you need for your wedding day, i recommend Final Bow perhaps as an extra. They have some great singers.