Enjoying my new gadget!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

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I just got my newest toy and I looooooooove it!! :)

Since (late) last year - I have been yearning for a new Sony Ericsson phone. I've asked my Panget to gift me with one - but nothing happend. The price of the G900 (the phone I wanted) went up to a freaking Php19,000.00 during the holidays!

Just 2 weeks ago - I checked the price again and saw that it dropped to Php13,600.00! I was ready to buy one already - I sort of did my 'goodbye W710i' thing - but well, many things happend in between (that caused the delay) so, till now - its still my 'main' phone. I somehow forgot that I needed to get a new phone..

But last night - I was given a spanking new W760!! :) Weeeeeeehaaa!! Who would have thought that toot toot would give me a brand new phone? Not me - in a million years!! (Yes, I've used that line before, Hahaha!!) I was ecstatic!! I don't know if I was ecstatic that it was a new phone or if it was a Sony Ericsson phone! (I fell in love with SE phones - they're the BEST!)

Like a child with a new toy - I slept at 2am because I was tinkering with the phone!!

I love it! I absolutely love it!! :)

And it came - with perfect timing!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! :)


  1. me, I slept at 1am din tinkering on the same phone! haha!

  2. ooops, not too anonymous! It's caren. love our phones!yipee!

  3. hahahah i know how you feel ach ;) also ive been planning to buy the G900 too! hehe

  4. Hi!
    Congratulations on your new phone.
    See you around.