25 Random things about me...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm sharing my Facebook entry... :)

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I prefer BLUE ballpens to black.. :)
2. I HATE gel pens.. Yulk..
3. I used to HATE dogs.. Now, I love all our dogs! Can't live without them
4. I used to be a 'tall' girl in grade school
5. I passed Chinese class in HS without even trying!! Apparently, the lao shir's have utang na loob with my mom! Hahaha!
6. I am a HOARDER! Haha!
7. I alternate 3 shampoos!! Haha..
8. I was a die-hard NKOTB fan! (I can't believe they're back!!)
9. I love looking at people's bathrooms - says a LOT about them! Hihi..
10. I need to have the following things in my bag - ALL THE TIME: Mighty Bond - they always come in handy! 11. Tissue 12. Fan (Pamaypay) - just in case I get stuck in an elevator - i NEED air!!!
13. I buy rosaries whenever I see them being sold (I can't explain why)
14. I have a 'Cyber' barkada!! :)
15. I do not know how to download songs, tv shows, movies, and the like! (After AudioGalaxy - everything went downhill for me!)
16. I love eating powdered milk. Hahahaha!!
17. I once baked 'Green/Space' brownies and gave them away for Christmas! Hihi...
18. I love my feet! I try on high strappy heels (even if I don't buy them) because I like looking at my feet! Hahaha...
19. I have a SECRET blog... Bwahahahahhahahahahahahaha
20. I have sharp eyes and super sharp ears!
21. I hate shopping... (yes, I'm so tamad, but when I'm in the mood - Go! Go! Go!)
22. I love using exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!
23. I don't own any designer bag.. (I swear!)
24. I am EVIL (ask Nino, Alch, and Maymay!)
25. I don't know how to whistle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm tagging ----- EVERYONE!!

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