Looking back at 2008...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

I know I have been neglecting this blog. I've been very busy, December 2008 flashed by (yes, flashed) so quickly! How do I know it flashed by quickly? Here's how:

1) During the last week of every month - I am sure to scout for next month's copy of OK! Philippines. Last December, well - it totally slipped my mind! It was only when Fran asked me if I had a copy, did I remember! I never missed a copy - ever!! (Promise!) 2) I've only been to Starbucks, TWICE ! Can you believe it? My gosh.... 3) I haven't been to Trinoma in 3 weeks! I'm usually there once or twice a week! 4) I totally forgot to ask for MMFF passes!! Yes, I am a Tagalog movie freak - and it's such a delight for me to watch entries for the MMFF every December! From paying Php5.00/movie, I am now paying Php160.00/movie! Ouchie!! 5) I forget days and dates! Like when I had a meeting, the date was supposed to be 12/15 - I remembered only on 12/22! The bad thing was - I thought 12/22 was 12/15!!! 6) I never got to feel the cold weather!! Was it just me or it didn't get chilly?

So why this post? Well, I've been truly blessed last 2008! Truly!! :) I mean, of course there were hardships - but even so - I feel truly truly truly blessed! So here are somethings that I am thankful to 2008 for:

- My Panget proposing: Honest to goodness, I was clueless. It came as a shock to me and to most everyone actually.

- Wining Trips: First was the Corregidor Trip thru Carlos Celdran's blog. Second was the Hong Kong Trip thru Magic 89.9

- Trips: There were countless trips! First was Sagada (drove 12 freaking hours!), Second was Corregidor (won this!), Third was Guam (Mabuhay Miles was offering 50% off on miles!), Fourth was Hong Kong (won this!), Fifth was Bangkok (Uber cheap fare from Cebu Pacific!) and the last trip for the year was in Cebu for my friend's wedding!

borrowed from THIS site..

- First EVER published article in Manila Bulletin: It was one of the perks (as winner) of the Hong Kong Trip (sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism Board)

- Contests in my blog: I can't explain the feeling of gratitude! Thanks to all my readers! Especially to those who sponsor prizes! :)

- New friends: I never thought that I'd have a sort of a 'cyber-barkada'. I mean, seriously - who would have thought that meeting people online would result to serious friendships? I know there will still be eyebrows raised - but I am proud to say that these 'cyber-barkada' of mine - I love them to bits!! :) It amazes me on how we got together - who would have thought that our paths will cross? For all the help, support, cheering-up, invites and most especially the warm welcoming arms - I truly love you guys!! :) Here's to you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you and you!! There's this one cyber-friend that I haven't actually met in person (we've chatted, exchanged emails & SMS), but I would love love love to meet! Its strange that I haven't even met her - yet, I can say that I love love love and appreciate her for everything. I don't know why, but I feel somewhat connected to her - I seriously can't explain it. Hahaha!! :)

- Superb travelling companions: I have to say - if it wasn't for the company - my trips this year would have flopped big time!! I've had the BEST travelling companions! Lucky, lucky me!! My Corregidor Trip was so wonderful! My Hong Kong trip was one for the books!! I will never ever forget you guys! Thanks for the wonderful company and the memories!! :) Thanks Carlos, Mickey & Wife, Anton & Family, Jen & Stan, Jesus & Company, Reena & Dan, Sandro & Sheng and Lucci.

- Watching the Rick Astley concert for free!! Thanks Girlie & Emilie! I know, it's mababaw - but my gosh - my Panget and I loooooooved it!! :)

- I found Faith: It made my 2008 more peaceful. He indeed works in mysterious ways! It was by that faith that I was able to abstain from eating pork and beef for the whole year. Yes, no cheating!!

- I became a 'model' for a day and posed for a magazine! Thank you Marbee, Kitten, Barbi and Pat!! :) Mwaaaaaaaaah!! :)

- Learning to pay it forward: I was so inspired by the Dialogues at Starbucks talk of JP. Thanks Fran and Z for inviting me!! :) Mwah!!

- For the mababaw TV moments: I am so thankful to JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof - LOST kicked major ass! Josh Schwartz - CHUCK is amazing! Neil Patrick Harris - BARNEY is the man! You're my new Chandler (a.k.a. favorite TV character) Jericho Rosales - You're back in the game!! :) Rejoice! Rejoice!! :)

Happy 2009 guys! :) Wish you all the best!!

Thanks for a wonderful 2008!

Mwaaaaaaaaaaah!! :)


  1. What a wonderful year you had. Lucky ha, winning two trips in a row! :)

    Wishing you more blessings this year. :)

  2. My...my...you surely got tons of blessings for the past year. Hope 2009 will be much better for you! Happy New Year! :-)

  3. Great 2008 for you! May 2009 be as good, if not better!

  4. Hi Didi! :) Super long time... Must be such a busy bride-to-be. Miss ya so much! Happy new year! :)

  5. Awww Didi, I am touched! :) I know you by your pretty face, I'll walk up to you when I see you around! Hehe.

    No, seriously. One of these days. :)

    Love you, sis! Happy New Year. Here's to more blessings for 2009.

  6. You've been really blessed. Happy New Year! All the best for you for 2009.