Winners! Winners!

Monday, December 21, 2009

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We have the WINNERS for the Christmas Giveaways 2009!!

Congratulations to the following people!

Chirstmas Gift #1: Luxe 2010 Planner
Yasmine Grasparil

Christmas Gift #2: Amu'in Loot
Monette Nama

Christmas Gift #3: Gingerbread Tree
Marguerite Chan

Christmas Gift #4: Bearhuggs Pillow
Jaessen A. delos Santos

Thanks for joining!!
(You will be receiving an email confirming your win!)

To everyone who joined - stay tuned! I have another contest coming up for the new year!

Wishing everyone a Happy Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!!

Last 3 days of the Christmas Giveaway 2009!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hurry Hurry Hurry!!! :)

Last 3 days to send in your entries for the Christmas Giveaways 2009!!

Last day is on Friday - December 18, 2009 11:59PM

Check out the post below for the details.

Make sure to follow the instructions!! :)

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!!!

P.S. There are 2 more Christmas Giveaways - but I'll start it next year, sort of like a NEW YEAR treat!! :)

Stay tuned!! :)

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Christmas GIFTS to YOU from ME 2009!

Monday, December 07, 2009

I started this last year. I'm doing it again this year!!

Christmas is indeed the time for giving - thus, I have GIFTS lined up for you guys!

Chirstmas Gift #1: Luxe 2010 Planner
- These cool planners will surely make organizing dates fun!!
- I'm giving one (1) planner away - let me know which one you want!

Christmas Gift #2: Amu'in Loot
- Everyone loves spa products!! :) Check out Amu'in's site!

Christmas Gift #3: Gingerbread Tree
- It's edible and stays fresh for 3 months!! :)

Christmas Gift #4: Bearhuggs Pillow
- Who doesn't love a fuschia colored STAR pillow!

1) Pick which of the five (5) gifts you want to receive;
2) Put that as the SUBJECT; (ex. Christmas Gift #1: Luxe 2010 Planner)
3) Email me at with the following information:
a) Complete name (first & last name please!!)
b) Contact Number (this will be kept confidential of course!)
4) Finally - follow the format and any additional instructions of my reply email as incomplete entries are automatically disqualified.
5) DEADLINE OF ENTRIES: December 18, 2008 11:59pm
6) Winners will be announced on December 20, 2009 on this site!

By the way - you can send AS MANY ENTRIES as you want!!
Winner will be picked via raffle!! :)

Christmas Goodies: Gingerbread House & Tree!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Looking for something to give this Christmas?

Here's an alternative :)

They're edible and stays fresh for 3 months!! :)

The Pastry Studio
Tel. 633-0949
Look for Mona

Gingerbread House is P340.00/piece
Gingerbread Tree is P235.00/piece

Discounts to be given for bulk orders!! :)

Johnny Rockets

Ever heard of Johnny Rockets?

I haven't! It was only through my BIL (Brother-In-Law) and SIL (Sister-In-Law) that I heard it. BIL said that in the US - the milkshakes served were very thick and that they're really good.

So, on a Saturday night - after my Panget's and SIL's shopping quest at the St. James bazaar in Alabang, we went to Eastwood City, to try out the milkshakes!!

The resto was very well lit and music from the 70's was blasting from the antique jukebox (P1.00 song selection!) It was something like a blast from the past! Hahaha.. It was actually fun - to see servers all dressed in white with hats and aprons on. Something different, there was an American diner feel to it, as the interiors were filled with 60's or 70's memorabilia.

WE ordered half fried & half onion rings and milkshake.

The fries & onion rings were kinda small - I mean for the price - P125.00. The plate where the food was placed, was for me - tiny. I wanted to suggest to make the plates bigger, so the dish would somehow look it has value for money. Onions and potatoes aren't that expensive anyways.

The main event was the Milkshakes. I ordered the Strawberry Milkshake. The first sip was the hardest - as the milkshake was really really thick! My BIL thought that those big straws used by Zagu should be given instead of the regular ones. The flavor of the milkshake was just right, my Panget loved it and wanted another order! He got the Oreo Cookies and Cream flavor. The only downside? The price was a hefty P265.00 per milkshake.

They also have burgers in the menu - but the price is again, kinda steep for burgers. The prices of the burgers were like that of Chili's but the size - a little smaller, and the sidings - much much smaller.

Will I give it another go?

Definitely - to try out the burgers this time.. :)
(they have 100% soy burgers and turkey patties!)

Johnny Rockets
Eastwood City Mall


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just this morning - I made a Plurk/Tweet that I wanted to have a Turkey dinner. I've been secretly wanting to make one - but was always overwhelmed with the preparations and the size! I can only dream of making one. I was honestly thinking of buying a cooked bird, and inviting friends over to share the feast! Then, one of my friends Bny, commented on my Plurk/Tweet that he wanted a Turducken.

I thought I was reading wrong - turducken? What the hell was that? Thank goodness for Google! A Turducken - simply put is a chicken in a duck in a turkey!

Now - where did that come from? Like you, it’s the first time for me to hear this and first time for me to research about it! After reading through a number of articles - I immediately declared that indeed, a turducken is much more yummier than a roast turkey!

What's better? Most everything of a turducken - i CAN eat!! Wooohoooo!!! :) This can be my 'lechon'! Hahaha.. :)

My friend sent me an email - that got me really excited. Project: TURDUCKEN - the email said:

Hello friends with iron chef potential...

I am commissioning a TURDUCKEN.

I will be willing to pay for the ingredients and lend our oven if you need it and of course share the feast with you.

If you think you can make one please get in touch with me at your earliest convenience. If you know someone who can make one please forward this email to him or her.


If you would like to join this project as a sponsor please let me know as well.

This has got to be the project of the year! (after my wedding of course!)

I am so freaking excited!

Let's make this happen!!

Let's DO THIS!!


Any suggestions? Recipes? Tips?
Email me at candishhh (at) yahoo (dot) com


Luxe Print 2010 Planners: Which one are you?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

In this digital age - most everyone has a cellphone / pda to log in their reminders and things to do for a certain day. But for one who is not apt with these techie gadgets - I still rely on a trusty planner to jot notes and dates and what not's. I'm still fond of the idea of having to buy pens and write down my reminders on a notebook!

And at this time of the year - we, I think go through a 'Planner Craze' phase. We receive a lot of planners from people - as corporate giveaways, or we earn them buy purchasing a number of drinks from a certain coffee house, or we buy those 'generic' planners from our trusted bookstore.

I am very OC when it comes to choosing a planner. Firstly - it has to be cute or something that has to be Didi, I mean - I am not into those generic types of planners. I want something nice to look at when I jot down things on my planner. Secondly - the size, it has to fit my bag - something not too big and not too small. Thirdly - the paper of the planner! I am very critical when it comes of the paper - as you know - I am very critical of my pens - so my pens need to have a nice surface to glide on. Fourth - the price, remember! You get what you pay for!

You may say - I might have a hard time looking for a planner right? With all my kaartehans? Well, think again - because I found one four!


Party Girl!

Beach Babe!


So, which one are you?

Take a look inside!

Aren't they the cutest??

They're just P475.00 each!
And for pre-orders during November - its just P450.00 each!! Cool right?!
Planners will be out first week of December.

These cuties will be available in bazaars during the holidays! (List to follow)

For more information:
Luxe Prints

P.S. I will be giving one away this Christmas!! Stay tuned for the mechanics!!

Cooking Quest #2: Parmesan Baked Fish

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I have been wanting to do this for months! But it was just now that I found the time (and the urge) to make it.

There's the baked fish bandwagon - you have Cookbook's Parmesan Crusted White Fish, Angel's Kitchen's Parmesan Cesar Fish, then there's Moksha's Baked Fish, and some others.

Here's my attempt to satisfy this craving:

Didi's Parmesan Baked Fish

1 small bottle - Mayonnaise (the REAL one and NOT the 'lite' one! 220mL)
2 fillets - Dory Fillet (easiest one to find in the grocery!)
1 teaspoon - Paprika
1/4 cup - Milk
Bread Crumbs
Grated Parmesan Cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste

Pre-heat oven to 3750C

1. Wash your fish in cold water then season them with salt and pepper.

2. In a bowl - combine well the mayonnaise, bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese (I can't say the exact measurements of the last three ingredients - its up to you - just make sure that the mixture is creamy thick! The more Parmesan cheese - the better!!)

3. Coat the fish fillets with the mayonnaise mixture. Make sure to coat them very well.

4. In a semi-deep baking dish (the smaller the better, but make sure the fillets will fit well with a little space to spare!) place the coated fillets one on top of another.

5. Pour the remaining mayonnaise mixture over the fillets.

6. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes.
*Check you fish from time to time to avoid burning!

Here's the finished product!

Cooking, cooking in the oven!!

Cooking is finally done!!

Didi's Parmesan Baked Fish on a loaf pan, haha!!

*I used a loaf pan - as I didn't have a smaller baking dish (the smallest that I have is the one for the lasagna - so I had to improvise!)

Blood Donation - A+

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Image borrowed from THIS site

I recently just discovered that I was an A+ - I always thought that since I have a twin brother, whatever his blood type - is mine as well! But I was wrong. He's and AB while I'm an A. I gathered that since we two has our individual sacs - we had different blood types.

Yesterday morning, my Panget asked for my blood type, he said that a relative needed blood - he then asked if I wanted to donate. And I said Yes.

Things to consider:
1) I am deathly afraid of needles piercing my flesh (except for the derma and the dentist - i LOVE them both!)
2) I hate the sight of too much blood!
3) This will be my first time EVER to donate blood.
4) I am afraid of pain, period

So - I thought, this is a good thing. A good deed! I am helping another individual, right?

Then, there's the waiting period. I hate the waiting because it makes me think of so many things! Then there's the fear coupled with the waiting! I hate it.

So it was my turn. I had to grip on my Panget's hand tightly. It was so hard to relax as I was imagining the needle. I didn't want to look so I hid behind my Panget's back. I told the nurse/lab tech - to chat with me, so I'll be distracted, but then - she said 'Hinga ng malalim ma'am!' Oh, great - that means only one thing - she'll be piercing the needle on my arm now. I was about to cry - when I felt the pain. But then in my mind I was saying 'God, give me strength!' I was repeating this over and over again in my head. She then told me to squeeze the stressball - but every time I squeezed it, there was pain!

After a few minutes - another technician came to me and told me she was going to fix the needle. My imagination ran wild, again!! And when the moved it - the pain sort of went away and I was able to squeeze more comfortably.

My Panget was by my side - holding on to my hand's tight grip, telling me to relax and to keep on squeezing. A few minutes later - the technician took out the needle and I was done.


The reason why she took it out was because - there was too little blood that was flowing, and that she gathered that my vein was too small! And I thought the flow was going smoothly! My Panget agreed that there was too little blood flowing out of me. Another attempt meant that another needle will be pierced on my opposite arm! The technician said that she'll have a hard time looking for a vein because my veins are just too small!

Looking at the bag - the technician declared I gave only 300cc.

For my blood to be used - it was to be 500cc.

Darnit - my efforts were futile. My blood wasn't enough!!

I couldn't understand why they needed a full bag for the blood to be useful.

Oh well, medical explanations will just confuse me more.

So, there goes my first ever blood donation - gone futile.

Too bad!!

But it was a brave thing my Panget said.

Indeed it was!!!!!!!

Quezon City - Garbage Collection FAIL!

Friday, October 30, 2009

We are victims of the flood.

Our house, office and factory were flooded with thigh deep water during Ondoy.

The day after the typhoon - my family, our helpers and workers cleaned out everything that was damaged. It was only a few days ago, that we fully cleared out the flood damage. All that were flooded and unusable - we put in sacks and brought them out for the garbage trucks to pick up.

We waited.

Garbage trucks passed by - but only got the small sacks. Telling us that the sacks are too heavy to carry.

We then divided the sacks - into smaller sacks, even offering to help carry the sacks to the garbage trucks. But we were ignored and even told that the sacks were still heavy. A basurero even snickered saying 'Wala kasi kayong panigarilyo'

Why in the effing hell are we supposed to give 'panigarilyo' to them when in fact it is their job to pick up garbage?

Are we required to give them 'panigarilyo' just for them to do their jobs??

Is that even right??

We called our Baranggay captain - we told him that the basureros didn't want to pick-up the trash! You know what he said - 'Kung ayaw nila, anong magagawa natin?'

What kind of an elected official is that?? He IS an elected baranggay official, we voted for him because we thought he would do our baranggay good - as of press time, he is in TAGAYTAY (We knew, because we called him to let him know what happend, but with his answer - we wasted P7.00 for the call)

Our baranggay is called PALTOK
The baranggay captain is CAPTAIN ANOS
Plate of the garbage truck WJJ-283

I already called the QC City Hall to report - they told me that ALL garbage MUST BE COLLECTED.

What an ass these people are becoming.
Is it because election time is coming??

What an IRONIC thing! This article says that the QC government fielded ADDITIONAL garbage trucks to collect trash!!

Nihonbashitei - Malate

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have finally tasted the BEST gyoza!!


My Panget and I found it on NIHONBASHI TEI in Malate.

The place looks fairly new and authentic. Why do I say authentic? Well, because there were a lot of Japanese diners!! They were coming in one after another - thus my Panget and I became curious! What kind of fare did they serve? We both hoped that it was authentic and very good! We were crossing our fingers, this place was recommended by my Panget's sister's boyfriend - Boggs.

Upon entering, we were greeted by charming servers - they greeted us in unison. The place looked clean and very organized with servers positioned strategically on the floor - perhaps, to look at the needs of their clients.

We were given a complimentary sidedish type of appetizer. It was squid with chili - and it tasted very very good! I was amazed, to be honest - because I don't fancy squid that is not fried! Hahaha.. But this tasted very good. The spices were mixed just perfect!

Server said this is called KOBAJI

These are what we ordered:

California Maki (Php200.00)

I was honestly skeptical - I mean Php200.00 for 6 pieces, I have to say - I was expecting this to be good (for the price). And indeed it was!! The maki tasted very fresh - the seaweed crispy and the the toppings - just right.

Ebi Tempura (P200.00)

We were not shortchanged. The prawns used were huge! You know its huge because when you bite into the Tempura - you can feel the 'crunch' Another fresh dish! And even if it was just _ pieces - the price was well worth it!

US Beef Sukiyaki (P470.00)

This has got to be the most expensive dish on the table, and the most expensive sukiyaki I've ever ordered in my entire life! It serves only one - yes, just for one person. And for my Panget - I think it was just for him - no room for sharing any to me!! But he did - one bowl, hahaha!! I was grateful - the soup tasted so yummy that I wanted to get seconds - but I stopped, I knew my Panget was loving the dish - so, I'll sacrifice, he is my husband now right? Hahaha!!

Gyoza (P150.00)

Truly the BEST gyoza I've ever tasted! It literally melts in your mouth! And the sauce - the sauce, WOW! It made the gyoza taste more amazing! The spicy sauce brought another yummy flavor of the gyoza!

This dinner has got to be the BEST Japanese dinner my Panget and I have had in a long loooong time.

Nihonbashitei - Malate
Adriatico Street, Malate Manila
(near Starbucks)

WINNER: Sassa Bikini Contest - Jodilein!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


You've just won a two-piece Sassa Bikini!!

Here's how picked #9 on the list of comments:

Please check you email Jodilein! :)

Thank you to all those who joined!!
(even if there were a number of disqualified entries because they either just sent me an email or just left a message at the comment section. You needed to do both to qualify)

Win a Sassa Bikini CONTEST!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Photo grabbed from

I know the timing is odd - since its not yet summer..

But what the heck!! Hahaha..

I won on Jayvee's Sassa Bikini contest on his blog. Since I've been winning contests - I want to pay it forward.

So - I'm running this Sassa Bikini Contest!! :)

What are the mechanics?
1. Simply leave a message on my comment section and
2. Send me an email ( with your complete name (and nick/handle) and subject WIN A SASSA BIKINI CONTEST!

You can post as many comments as you want - as I will be using Random.Org to pick the winner!!

Incomplete entries will be invalid!! Please don't forget to read the mechanics carefully!!

Contest will run from today 10/19 till October 22, 2009 11:59PM - I will be announcing the winner on October 23, 2009

Good luck peeps!! :)

Disappointed with Dinelli

I've heard so many good things about Dinelli.

Good selection, good food, good price and since it was near my area - good location as well!

Last Saturday night - together with my new family, we dined there. I have to say - expectations were quite high. But I was greatly disappointed with the quality of service and food we got that night.

We were seated on the second floor - and being the only diners there at the time we were seated, I was expecting a server to somehow come up and down to check on us for orders and some other things. But we didn't get that.

Yes, the server took our orders - but right after that, we were somehow forgotten. Since there were no servers on our floor - we had to tap on the glass windows to get attention. This happened not once but four times. Our orders then were given one at a time with intervals of 10-15 minutes each. The Alio Oglio pasta was a bitter, the Seabass was relatively small and overcooked, the ribs - tasted bland and seemed like sauce was just poured on it. The steaks that were ordered arrived last and very late and very undercooked! (the steaks ordered were Medium and Medium-well)

Since the orders were given one at a time - my Panget's steak was given another round of grilling as the steak was still rare. But when my FIL's (father-in-law) steak arrived - it looked good, but as he cut further - it appeared rare as well. We wanted to complain - but there was no one to complain to, as the servers were all downstairs.

When we asked for the bill - we politely asked for a discount as our orders were served very late and the steaks were both undercooked. It seemed like they forgot the orders and cooked them quickly. We also showed the server how rare the steak was. When she came back - she told us that it was the chef's fault that the steaks were undercooked and that we were given a 10% discount - when my SIL (sister-in-law) looked at the bill closely - she noticed that the discount was only given to the 'very rare steak'. We then asked to speak to the Manager, we were told that the manager was not around, but the assistant manager was there instead. The server told us that if we wanted to speak to the manager, we should go down. We were dumbfounded as to why we needed to go down to speak to the assistant manager. We then asked her to have the assistant manager come up instead. This request was REFUSED. We never saw the assistant manager. Instead, the server was the one who handled the complaint.

When the manager is not around, the assistant manager should be the one to front the establishment and handle complaints. But with this - well, we never saw the assistant manager. We were actually suspecting that there was no assistant manager - because if there was, for sure he or she will speak to us. We then asked for a name but was told - to ask it ourselves! How can we ask for the name of a person who doesn't want to speak to us! After much talk - the 'very rare steak' was taken off the bill, the server then apologized for not giving us quality service - she reasoned that they were only two, handling the whole deli/restaurant.

For a first time diner of Dinelli - my new family and I were very, very disappointed. I think the chances of us coming back is very slim - unless of course, the quality of service improves greatly.

Take a look on the very rare steak - this for them was supposed to be a MEDIUM.

Dinelli - Timog
5 Timog Avenue, Quezon City
+632.666.3544 / 3766849

Frannywanny : GOOD LUCK!!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Grabbed from BetweenBites

I'm wishing Frannywanny the BEST of luck for the Philippine Blog Awards this evening. You deserve the nomination - and I think you deserve the crown as well!! :)

Thank you for the gift of friendship and for the undying love for food. For the endless YUMMY food posts and discoveries!! :)

You TRULY are a foodie, inside out!! :)

Good luck Fran!! :)

We LOVE you!!! :)


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sorry for the delay..

My internet connection has been touch and go..

Please be patient as I'm sure - this weekend, the post will be up!!

Thanks for waiting! :)

Congratulations to the winners!!

Winners! Singaopre Lah! Contest: Winners!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back!! :)

I had a wonderful time in Singapore.

Note: I don't hate it anymore - I'm actually liking it! :) I hate to admit it BUT I'm kinda warming up to Little India.. Can you believe it?!

As for the winners, please send me an email at candishhh at yahoo dot com so I'll know where to send your prize!!

IKEA Food Court - Cherubyn
Jumbo Seafood Restaurant - Rose Tiu
Dempsey Hill - Shoty
Lau Pa Sat - Cassandra
Boon Tong Kee - Peddler of Dreams
Publish Post

Will try to post my Singapore trip ASAP.

P.S. I was dishearted with what happend to our country. I felt really guilty - I mean I was enjoying my trip, but back home - my family and friends were feeling the wrath of the typhoon.

Glee with GLEE!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I remember watching Sound of Music with my cousins. I remember LOVING everything about it. I remember pretending with my cousins, that we were the Von Trap kids singing away.

Another movie musical favorite is Grease. I think I was secretly pretending to be Sandy - but what was missing was Danny Zuko! Hahaha..

I was delighted with High School Musical - I loved it so much, that I saw it over and over again! I don't think I'll ever tire of watching HSM1, ever!

I'm a frustrated singer! And I think that's one of the reasons why I'm hooked at most movie musicals and American Idol.

Enter - Glee.

I saw the trailer, and got curious.

Why haven't I heard of this show? How long has it been on? I researched and found out that it just started! Yahoo!! :)

I saw the pilot just now and LOOOOOOOOOOVED it!!

I can't wait for the second episode!!

Also.. I loved that they use songs that I somehow know! Hahahaha!! :)

Show is promising!! :)

Here's the full trailer:

Contest: Singapore Lah!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I've just been to Singapore once - and that was 4 years ago.

And I HATED it.

I hated it because of the:
a) Heat - my gosh!! I was sweating like crazy!!
b) Expensive shopping - EVERYTHING was expensive! Even if the stores were on sale, they were STILL expensive!!
c) On-Call Taxis - Taxis are no where to be found during rush hour because all taxis want the extra charge for on-call! I hated it!! My twin brother and I waiting 4 hours just to get one!!

These are the reasons why I REFUSE to go to Singapore, but since dear MIL and FIL are sponsoring a trip next week - why the hell not right?

But quite honestly, I'm not that excited to go, I mean - what is there to see in Singapore right? It's such a small city! I am excited to see my good friends Cubie and Mabs, and to go on food trips! I am super excited to hang out with them and visit Muji and Ikea! Hahaha.. :)

So - I have a project/contest, from now till the 24th - I'd like to ask for suggestions on where to eat. When I visit the place you suggested and like it - you earn a pasalubong from me!! :)

Project: Like Singapore Lah!
Mission: I'd like to give Singapore a chance, with this contest!! Give me tips and recommendations on where to eat!! :)

Just kindly leave the names of the restaurants on the comment section. I know that for sure there will be double entries of a certain restaurant, so - let's do it like this - 'first come first serve'. Whoever will submit the name of the resto first - will get to claim that resto 'entry'. One comment per restaurant. I will be picking the Top 5 restaurants that I liked!! :)

(Please disclude Din Tai Fung in your lists!! Hahaha.. )

White Hat Frozen Yogurt

Monday, September 14, 2009

Here's what I've had so far:

Lulubelle - it was too sour for me, I mean - yeah, I get it - yogurt, but it could have tasted better right? And the combination with choc-nut, my gosh - it was a disaster! My Panget gave me an odd look and asked me why in the hell, was I still eating something that tasted, well - icky! I answered him simply with 'Sayang eh!'

California Berry - I have to agree with my friend Kath that this indeed was the best I've tasted - at that time of course! I mean having come from Lulubelle the week previous, this tasted heavenly!!

But it was my bff Kim who told me to try Red Mango - that for her it's the best froyo in town. I've been passing by the stall of Red Mango for months whenever I'm in Trinoma - I never got myself to try and line up. I was sort of laughing at the name at first, because it sounded funny! I mean Red Mango? hahaha!! But then one time - I told my Panget, we had to try it out - as per BFF's recommendation. And the result - it was freaking love at first taste!! It was hands down the BEST I've ever tried! I forgot about all the other that I have tasted - this for me was and is the best froyo, ever!! And so whenever in Trinoma - my Panget and I would buy this frequently! Even my Panget's mom - my now, mom-in-law - loves Red Mango.

Okay - so then I hear from dear Phoebe, that for her - White Hat is still the best. I was curious. Honestly, I've don't frequent MOA - so my White Hat sightings have become really really limited. But yesterday afternoon, while strolling in Robinson's Galleria - I saw the stall. I was excited, I told my Panget that we had to try it out - and he happily obliged - and the verdict? It was also love at first taste!!!

I know understand what Phoebe meant. I think, if I tasted White Hat first before Red Mango, White Hat would be it for me and my Panget. Plus, I think that for P85.00 a cup, White Hat had a tad bit more yogurt (compared to Red Mango) which makes it my new favorite!!

I wish Trinoma had a White Hat station.... Might have to walk to nearby SM for my regular dose of White Hat froyo!!

La Mer - LJC's Catering Services

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is so cool!! LJC restaurants can cater!!!!

Fely J's was love at first bite!! And when I learned that they can cater - Can I order one full tray of Fely J's Dilis rice? This is so cool!! :)

Now - since its the start of the BER months!! Let's get ready!! :)

We are a professional food and beverage provider of the LJC Restaurants Group which has over 29 years experience in food and beverage service. With 18 restaurants operating 11 respected brand names, our choice of offering is the most varied in its field. We make our five-star service easily available to friends and the discriminating public and provide superior value for money.
We are a high standard, multi-product food and beverage provider. We use complete professional grade equipment, high quality food and beverage ingredients, superior resource management for our stakeholders, great flexibility in our offering of service to please a wide range of clientele, and invest in our team through training and research.

For Inquiries on packages and menus - contact the sales manager:
Rona Borromeo
710.7420 * 526.7706
For more information visit

Remember WHISTLESTOP? It's back!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A photoblog, for now....

Look at what have they in store for us!!!!

the Crispy Pata

Boneless Buffalo Wings

the Spaghetti)
(remember what you had as a kid? This is IT! Its super simple but the flavor is wonderful!!

the ORIGINAL Haianese chicken rice in Manila

a closer look on the chicken

28 Jupiter Street,
Bel Air, Makati
Tel. 896.1989

They're OPEN - 24 hours!! and they also DELIVER 24/7!!!

Ain't that cool??

Toblerone's Spread the Sweetness of Gratitude Photo Contest!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I have this habit of saying 'Thank You' to most anyone. For me, it is the most gratifying simplest thing I can do to another person. A simple 'thank you' means a lot - I mean, we usually take for granted the little things people do for us, like serving drinks, taking our orders, cleaning up after us - there are so many things done for us that we sometimes forget to acknowledge those deeds. And - it goes a long way, if you know what I mean.

I feel disappointed whenever people forget to say thank you. I mean - there's nothing to it really, you just need to say it - that's it! But people tend to forget and not say it at all. I have this personal mission to have my friends say 'thank you' whenever they can - it's going well, but I hope it can be better. I was able to launch a 'thank you' contest last Christmas season and gave away gifts!!

I am glad to be part of Toblerone's Spread the Sweetness of Gratitude Photo Contest, because by this - I can also spread my (personal) misson.

Now - its my turn to spread the sweetness:

To my dear, dear readers - I cannot thank you guys enough for supporting me through the years! I can't believe that it been 4 years since I started blogging! Thank you for the comments and visits!! The comments mean a lot to me and I try my best to reply as often as I can. Thank you for visiting my blog every so often to check and eavesdrop on my whatever things. I owe it to you guys and its you that keeps me wanting to post more and share things that are special to me.

Thank YOU!!

To my Cyber friends turned Barkada - THANK YOU for everything! Thanks for the gift of friendship!! :) Thank you for surprising me, thank you for being there for me EVERY single time!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!!!


My dear readers

Together with Toblerone Philippines, I would like to invite you to join the Spread the Sweetness of Gratitude photo contest!

Here are the mechanics:

Step 1: Upload your most creative and original THANK YOU photo in your site (blog, Multiply, Friendster, Facebook, etc.) and link this to the gallery found in the official Toblerone Thank You Day website. Only one entry per participant please :)

Step 2: Send me the link (leave it HERE with a link to your entry) and I will be choosing the 5 best entries who will move on to the final round.

Deadline of entries: 5:00 PM of October 16, 2009

Winners will be determined by a panel composed of employees of Toblerone and GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Inc.

The Top 3 winners among all shortlisted entries will receive a Toblerone gift pack which will be awarded on October 20,2009 during the National Thank You Day Awards!

This contest is open to all Greater Manila (Metro Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, Antipolo, Cavite and Laguna) residents.

Gloriamaris's Dimsum Buffet!!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Enjoythe buffet madness while you can!!! :)

Cooking Quest #1: Lasagna

Friday, September 04, 2009

I've never cooked lasagna before. I've seen them made on tv and in real life, but I never got the chance to make one myself. Last Friday, I decided that I wanted to make one.

And so, last Saturday afternoon - I made one. And this is what it looked like!

Making lasagna isn't that hard pala.. I always had this thought that it was difficult and very time consuming - but it wasn't. I found it actually really simple!!

This is the recipe that I used:
Meat Sauce
500g - Lean ground beef
1 whole carrot - diced
3 whole white onions - diced
1 clove garlic - crushed
2 cans 200g Crushed tomatoes
5 tablespoons - Tomato Paste
2 cups Chicken Stock
A pinch of nutmeg
1 tablespoon Sugar
Chicken powder to taste
Salt and Pepper to taste

Saute the onions, carrots and garlic until soft.
Add the ground beef and saute until brown.
Add the crushed tomatoes and the 2 cups chicken stock.
Add a pinch of Nutmeg.
Season with Salt and Pepper (or chicken powder). Make sure to add for flavor
Simmer for 20 minutes
(after simmering, taste again and season as needed)

Cheese Sauce:
2 tablespoons - Butter
2 tablespoons - All purpose flour
125g - Mozarella Cheese
2 cups - Milk
Salt and Pepper to taste

Melt butter.
Add the all purpose flour, cook for a few minutes.
Add the milk and wait until it thickens.
Add the mozarella cheese until melted over low heat.
Set aside when all the cheese has melted.

On a oven-proof deep dish, assemble the lasagna as follows:
Pour meat sauce on the dish
Place 1 layer of lasagna noodles
Pour meat sauce over the noodles
Pour cheese sauce over the meat sause
Place 1 layer of lasagna noodles.

Assemble on the dish: meat sauce, cheese sauce, lasagna noodles and end with the cheese sauce.

Set oven at 175c and bake for 30 minutes or until cheese browns.

Lookey lookey here!!

(Cooked this August 18!!)

Help find the killer of Eggy Tioseco

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I've never met Eggy - I've only heard good stories about him thru my friend Cubie.

I know his brother Chris.

I was saddened and shocked by the news.

To anyone who can help find the killer. Please....

District 9: What the ?!?!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What the ?!?!

This was my reaction for the first hour - I thought I was watching a documentary instead of a movie. And the aliens? Prawns??

What the ?!?!

The movie was funny and entertaining all right, but well - I was expecting LOTS of action sans the Prawns.

I wish the 'action' part was longer - it was exciting as hell!!

So - will there be a part duex?

My 'special' neighbor..

Friday, August 28, 2009

I have been thanking my neighbor for a month now because of the internet access I have at home. I am so thankful for wifi - as I have benefited from it for many many nights.

Just last week - I met one of the neighbors because; he's friends with Panget's dad - thus he came in our house to relay an issue. He then told me that another neighbor - has the same issue as his! He blurted out the name and I was stunned! Literally STUNNED!

I was shocked and scared after hearing the name. I was terrified! What if he breaks into another tantrum? When I told Panget - he just laughed off and told me - 'Didn't you know?!' How in the freaking hell will I know?!? Panget said he knew of this since last year!!

I will not disclose the name - I will just give clues.

Clue #1 - My neighbor is a HE
Clue #2 - He was recently pardoned by PGMA
Clue #3 - He figured in a road rage turned deadly incident.

Have you guessed?

May I please ask that you DON'T leave the name on the comment section? Please?

borrowed from THIS site

I am seriously scared, but Panget said that he's harmless - I just hope that will hold true forever!!

I want the LJC credit card!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I am so in love with Fely J's!! It has to be my favorite restaurant in Greenbelt 5!!

And when I saw this - I just thought of the discounts!!

The savings! Wow.

Anyone who can help me apply for one - FAST?

Email me!! As I want one NOW!! (No joke guys)

Help me get one!! :)
(I will give a special prize to the one who will be able to help me out!!)


Long overdue haircut..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Since my big day has come and gone..

I have been contemplating on... Having a haircut!!

Yes, I have been thinking of sporting my short do. I have been missing it for years!!

But the thing is.. I feel guilty - I mean, I've sacrificed growing my hair for a long time, and I feel that when I cut it really short - all my efforts have been futile! But then again - I have waited this LONG to have it cut.

So, I am still trying to decide - if I'm cutting it short or just having it trimmed.

What do you think??


Wedding pictures

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a glimpse of the wedding photos.

Taken by the BEST - Pat Dy!!