Wedding Essentials: Dream Weddings 2008

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Even if I had a bad case of food poisoning yesterday - I still managed to attend the launch party of Wedding Essentials' Dream Weddings 2008. I made sure to attend even if I was felling a bit queasy, after all - I owe a lot to Marbee for my WE feature! :)

The party was hosted by Issa Litton - the cover girl of the latest issue. I just have to say that she did a great job hosting! She was a natural!

The highlight of the night was the cover - can you believe they produced 30 different covers?! Wow!! That's for the 30 couples that shared their love/wedding stories to Wedding Essentials!! It was fantastic! Imagine if you were one of the 30?! Your wedding pic is actually ON A MAGAZINE!! That is something you will forever treasure!! :)

To my HS classmate Shaps - congrats on the feature and the cover!! :) (Loved your picture!!)

Another highlight was - well, again (for the Nth time) my Panget won something (lucky charm - ME!!) - a full board overnight stay at Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay! Hahahaha... What luck! His card was picked out from a bowl! :) Cool right?! Love it!!

I have to say - Wedding Essentials has always been on top of their game. Being the best among the rest - they've just up-ped the notch again!!

Congrats Marbee and Cynthia! :)

P.S. Pictures to follow :)


  1. Congratulations to Panget! That's a good prize. I've never been there but I've had the chance to research it a bit. The place looks good and the usual rates are high end.

  2. Thanks Em! I have yet to check the site out! Hahaha..

  3. wow galing! nanalo ka na naman! penge nga ng swerte hehe :P

  4. Hey dear! :) Hahaha... I wish I can share the luck!!

  5. you guys are lucky. i never win anything. hehe :p

  6. hey di! do you have a copy of the new WE? i was interviewed about my wedding entourage gowns and have submitted photos from my wedding... did you see yourself??

  7. Hey Pepper! Channel the 'luck'!!

    Hi Jen! I browsed through the mag and I didn't see myself. Hahaha! Baka it's for next year's issue? When were you interviewed?