I'm giving away FREE Make-Up!

Friday, October 10, 2008

To pay it forward (with my luck and all) - I am giving away free make-up from Maybelline!

Just leave a comment with the following info:

a) What is your favorite entry in this blog? (Pressure!)
b) Name
c) Email address*
*I will be sending an email to confirm that you are indeed joining the contest :) Kindly reply. Thanks! Incomplete entries are immediately disqualified.

I will be running this contest from today, October 10 to 24, 2008
Winner* will be announced on October 25, 2008
*I will pick a name from a bowl (raffle!!)

Join now!! :)


  1. hey, can i join haha!

    fave entry must be about the fitflop, can't get it out of my mind, really! i'm not into flip flops really, but im thinking of getting one, it's just the price tag that making me think twice haha!

    losarim at gmail dot com

  2. I guess this blog saying that I have a chance to win a make-up from maybeline...Being a SAHM and a 1-income family sometimes has pros and cons...getting something for myself sometimes (actually more of a lot of times---hehehe) is the last thing on my "to-buy" list or sometimes, not even at the list at all...so here I am hoping to be blessed with these freebies!

    ♥Kat Cabezon♥

  3. can i please join? my gf would love that makeup :) at least i think she would. i honestly know zilch about makeup :P

    my favorite is the rick astley one. roderick and rick together at last hehehe!


  4. Just leave a comment with the following info:

    a) What is your favorite entry in this blog? (Pressure!) my fave entries are about make up
    b) Name - Irene Pajaro
    c) Email address* - chinadoll77@hotmail.com
    *I will be sending an email to confirm that you are indeed joining the contest :) Kindly reply. Thanks!

    I hope I win coz my bday is on Oct 28 :) thanks!

  5. Same as the first commenter, I actually liked your fitflops blog series. I like it more than a mandatory review.


  6. any prizes for boys? hahaha!

  7. I've been reading your blog for quite sometime now. My favorite post was on Dialogue in Starbuck sometime in June. It's nice that you see the urge to pay things forward and feel people's passion - and you get driven by it.

    I'm Gigi and you may email me at thefitmommy@yahoo.com... If I win or don't win :)

  8. my fave would have to be all your entries about food/restaurant reviews..i love to eat kasi :) also about the incident with whisper sanitary napkin, that was so bold & fearless :)


  9. Hi! I love the Big Mama's. I love chicken so much that I dont minda eating it everyday!

  10. Hi! Im Maricar Manga and you can reach me through maricarmanga@gmail.com. Thank you.

  11. Hi Di,

    Good day!

    My favorite blog entries would be not just one but three because they are connected with each other and that would be:

    Bangkok - Day 1
    Bangkok - Day 2
    Bangkok - Day 3

    I like these blog entries because I love to travel and I like reading travel blogs and learning other people's experiences during their trips.

    Also, through these blog entries I learned where to go, dine and shop in Thailand which will help me a lot when I go there sometime this month.

    Lastly, the pictures and detailed account helped a lot in visualizing your trip.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your travel experiences.


  12. hi! my fave blog enties would be the stories about your travels ( i also would love to travel someday ) and about make up (i love make up and anything that has something to do with make up or beauty stuff). plus i really enjoy looking at your pet dog's pic. reminds me of my pets.
    name: ana cruz
    email add: bluefairymiss@yahoo.com


  13. Hi Ma'am, I really wanted to join the contest kaso lalaki ako eh hehehe....First time ko pumunta dito sa blog nyo kaya mag-back read muna ako ng mga previous entries hehehe

  14. i love your entries about fitflops! :) those entries gave me idea that there's still cool fitflops besides the usual havaianas :)

  15. 1. my favorite entry in this blog was the review on your wedding suppliers. although i am not planning a wedding it was something that i shared with my best friend who is getting married in december
    2. lalimarie bhagwani
    3. lalimarie@gmail.com